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Earliest 1519

Globe Inn

Latest 1935

34 Abbey Street


Former Globe Inn

Above photo showing Globe House, the former "Globe Inn," taken from


It has been suggested that the pub was the original "Fleur de Lis" where Thomas Arden was murdered, but documentation says there was a "Globe Inn" in Abbey Street as early as 1519.

The pub closed in 1935 possibly due to there being too many pubs in the area.


Your information, photos, old or new and licensee names and dates is much appreciated.


Kentish Gazette, 8 February 1876. (Faversham)


An elderly man named Richard Lyons was charged with stealing eight gallons of barley meal, the property of Mr. Thomas Kingsnorth, on the 1st instant.

Police-constable Veary said that about twenty minutes past six the previous evening he stopped the prisoner in Court Street and asked him what was in the bag he was carrying; he replied that it was rabbits' victuals. He took him to the police office, and on examining the bag he found it contained about four gallons of barley meal, which prisoner said he had bought at Mr. Filmer's mill, Preston.

William Brett, miller, in the employ of Mr. Filmer, Preston, said no barley meal was sold from the mill that day.

Superintendent Breary deposed that the previous evening he went to the "Globe" where the prisoner had told him he lodged. He accompanied the landlord into a lodge at the back of the house and there found a box containing two kinds of barley meal, about half a bushel of one kind lying on the top of the other.

James Kingsmill, farm bailiff to Mr. Kingsnorth, produced a sample of barley meal taken from a building in King's Field, and said it corresponded with that found on the prisoner and also with the half-bushel found in the box. He knew the prisoner, he having worked for Mr. Kingsnorth some years since. Witness had frequently seen prisoner in and out of the buildings, the yardman's wife being his daughter.

The prisoner denied the charge, and elected to be tried by a jury.

He was, therefore, committed for trial at the Quarter Sessions. The magistrates consented to accept bail.




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ALLEN James 1881+ (age 38 in 1881Census)

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ELEY Frederick 1890-94+ (age 55 in 1891Census) (90 & 94 Kelleys)

ELY Frederick P 1903+ Kelly's 1903

WYLES Frederick 1908-22+ (age 40 in 1911Census) Post Office Directory 1913Post Office Directory 1922

HADRELL George 1926-30+ Voile and Robersons Faversham and District Directory 1926Post Office Directory 1930



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