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Earliest 1798-

Fleur de Lis

Latest 2002-

13 Preston Street


Fleur de Lis 1919

Above photo showing the Peace Treaty of Versailles celebrations on 19 July 1919. The Fleur de Lis can just be seen in the centre of the photo.

Former Fleur de Lis Former Fleur de Lis

Above pictures from Google maps, May 2009.

Fleur de Lis plaque
17th century painting

Above picture showing a 17th century painting inside the Fleur de Lis.


The premises was opened as a museum and tourist information centre in November 2002 showing the history of Faversham.

Numbers 1 and 2 Hugh Place also formed part of the Inn.

There is a suggestion that when the murder of Thomas Arden took place the pub was actually in Abbey Street and some present day inhabitants of Faversham believe that "Globe House," now a private residence  opposite Arden's House in Abbey Street that was once an inn, is actually the original "Fleur de Lis." However, research tells me that there was a "Globe Inn" in Abbey Street as early as 1519, so that information may not be totally correct.

 It is also suggested by Michael David Mirams in his book "Kent Inns and Inn Signs" that the house was known as the "Mason's Arms," but reverted to "Fleur de Lis" in the eighteenth century. I am not totally certain of that information.

The Lost Pubs Project identifies the original "Fleur de Lis" as situated in Hugh Place. Local knowledge certainly required here.


Parish Officers' Reports Faversham Borough Session Files Film 1851039. October 14 1794.


Wee the Ale Conners have made sirch and found on Sep 11 at the House of Wm Feakens at the "Flowerdeluce," the Bear [sic - beer] very week stale and thick, not fit for the body of men.

Likewise in Sep 12 at the House of Wm Black at the "Herliquin" the bear was so week thick and sower wee could not drinck it at all.

Heny Anderson, Thos Haywood X his mark.


Kentish Gazette 31 January 1843.


Jan. 23rd, at Faversham, Mr. Edward Usher, landlord of "Fleur-De-Lis Inn," aged 65, leaving a wife and eleven children to lament their loss.




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