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Earliest 1689-


Latest 1842+

Burgate Street



A "Dolphin" has been mentioned in 1689 as being situated in Burgate, but that is about all I know of this premises at present.

It is not to be confused for the other "Dolphin" now at 16 St. Radigund's Street.

The death of licensee Mr. John Stiff senior was recorded on May 27th 1795, and is mentioned as being the former master of the "Dolphin Inn" in Burgate Street.


From the Kentish Weekly Post, 17 May 1741.

Wednesday May 20.

To the worthy FREEMEN of the City of Canterbury who are Interest if Sir THOMAS HALES.


You are desired to meet the Friends of Sir Thomas, tomorrow Morning, being the Day of Election, at either of the following Houses, viz.

The "King's Head," in High Street,

The "Fountain," St. Margarets,

The "Dolphin," Burgate,

The "Rose," St. Georges,

The "Black Boy," Burgate,

The "Flying Horse," Dover Lane,

The "Three Compasses," St. Peter's,

The "Golden Lyon," St. Peter's,

The "Mitre," High Street,

The "Rising Sun," St. Dunstan's,

The "Black Swan," North Gate,

The "White Swan," North Gate,

The "Tolerated Soldier," North Gate,

The "Fox and Seven Stars," St. Alphage,

The "Saracen's Head," St. Pauls,

The "Maiden Head," Wincheap,

The "Two Brewers," St. Mildred's,

The "Seven Stars," St. Alphage,

The "Three Tuns," St. Margaret's.


Kentish Gazette 05 June 1789.


John Abbott begs Leave to address his Friends and the Public in general, to acquaint them he has taken the above Inn, which is now fitted up in such a Manner, as he flatters himself will give Satisfaction to all those who may honour him with their Company; and assures them they may depend on finding good Beds kept well aired, a good Larder, and Liquors of the first Quality; and hopes, by proper Attention, to merit their Favours, which will ever be gratefully acknowledged.


From Kentish Gazette 27 March 1838.


Respectfully announces to his Friends, the Citizens, and Residents of the Neighbourhood, that his Opening Dinner will take place on Tuesday, the Tenth of April next, when the company of themselves and friends will be esteemed a favor.

Tickets, including waiters and dessert, 5s., to be had at the Bar.

Dinner on Table at Four o'clock.


Kentish Gazette 6 August 1839.


Notice is Hereby Given, that the Partnership hitherto existing between Edward Collard and William Lane, carrying on business at the "Dolphin Inn," Canterbury, as Licensed Victuallers, in co-partnership, hath this day been dissolved, by mutual consent, the said Edward Collard having retired in favour of the said William Lane, who, in returning his sincere thanks for the support he, with his late partner, has already received, begs to solicit from his Friends & the Citizens of Canterbury, a continuance of their favours, which, by attention and providing the best articles, it will be his study to deserve.

"Dolphin Inn," Canterbury, Aug. 1, 1839


Dover Chronicles, 30 April, 1842.

More Military Outrages.

Between 11 and 12 o'clock on Tuesday night, several volunteers were in the "Dolphin" public house, when one of them cut open the pocket of one of his comrades, with the intention of extracting his money. Several of the citizens being in the room at the same time, and seeing what was going on, interfered, when a general row ensued, in which the soldiers got beaten and ejected from the premises. Then then went and obtained reinforcements, and returned back armed with bludgeons; but finding they were unable to obtain an entrance, they set upon the windows, and broke 27 squares of glass. Then proceeded up the town, using very threatening language, swearing they would kill every person they met, where they were civilians or police. Finding they were proceeding in so outrageous a manner, the police considered it their duty to interfere; and when they came in to Guildhall street, they took several sticks from the soldiers. It was then between 2 and 3 o'clock on Wednesday morning. They then proceeded towards the barracks, and in their way up Northgate, pulled down 17 water shoots and two or three door porches. Since this affray, piquets have been in the town both night and day; but even in doing duty in this capacity they have, on one or two occasions, got so much blinded by the "jolly god," as to be unable to find their way to the barracks. The two policemen station on the Northgate beat are obliged to go in plain clothes for fear of being detected by the military, as they seem to have an inveterarte hatred against them. It is due to the officers and men belong to the 9th Lancers to state that the whole of the outrages that have taken place here within the last fortnight have originated entirely with the volunteers. We believe a more quiet and respectful regiment than the 9th is not to be found.




ABBOTT John 1789+ Kentish Gazette

STIFF John senior 1795- Historic Canterbury web site

FOREMAN George B Mar/1835+

COLLARD Edward & LANE William to Aug/1839 Kentish Gazette

LANE William Aug/1839+ Kentish Gazette


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