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Earliest 1828-

Deal Cutter Inn

Open 2014+

44 (21 in 1851Census)King Street


Deal Cutter

Above picture from Chris Roo's Flickr. Date unknown.

Deal Cutter Deal Cutter signDeal Cutter sign 1991

Photographs above and sign left taken by Paul Skelton, 21 July 2012.

Sign right December 1991 with thanks from Brian Curtis


Kentish Weekly Post or Canterbury Journal, Tuesday 23 April 1833.


April 11, at Ramsgate, Mr. R. Jameson, baker, Sandwich, 2 Ann, only daughter of Mr. Stupple, landlord of the "Deal Cutter," public house, Ramsgate.


From the Kentish Gazette, 3 November 1846.


Stupples:— Oct. 10, at Ramsgate, Ann Maria, relict of Mr. E. Stupples, many years landlord of the "Deal Cutter," aged 67.


From the Kentish Chronicle and General Advertiser, 4 January, 1862. Price 1 1/2d.


Charles Canney was charged with stealing on the 27th ult., one shilling and a four-penny piece, the property of Henry Hills, his master.

Complainant deposed:— I am a butcher and reside in King-street. Prisoner is in my employ as a weekly servant. Having reason to believe that I had been robbed of money lately, I yesterday put two shillings, two sixpences, and two four-penny pieces into a wooden bowl in the till in my shop, having marked the whole of them. I afterwards locked the till. I had two keys to it, one I gave to my son to give to his mother, and the other I kept. When I went to the till this morning I missed two pieces of the marked money, one shilling and a four-penny piece. I called the prisoner into the parlour, and asked him what money he had spent the evening before. He said he had only had a half-pint of beer at the “Deal Cutter,” for which he paid a penny. I asked him to be sure of what he said, and he said that he had spent no more. I went immediately to the “Deal Cutter” and asked Mrs. Comber, the landlady, whether the prisoner had had any beer last night, and with what money he had paid for it. She said, without hesitation, a four-penny piece, which she said she had put into the till. With her permission I examined it, and found in it the four-penny piece I now produce. The prisoner told me he had been to the circus, and paid a shilling to go in. I have seen Mr. Cooke the proprietor, and the shilling now produced by P.C. Buckley, and which was found in Mr. Cooke’s silver of last night’s takings is one of the shillings I marked and put into the bowl in the till.

Mrs. Comber, the landlady of the “Deal Cutter,” being too ill to come to the Hall, the Magistrates attended at her house, and took the following deposition:— I am the wife of Charles Comber. Prisoner came to the bar last night for half a-pint of beer, which I served him. He paid me a four-penny piece, which I put into the till. This morning prisoner's master came to me, and at his request, I allowed him to search my cash-box. He picked out a four-penny piece and took it away; for which he gave my husband another.

In answer to the Bench, Mr. Hills said that he believed he had been robbed ever since the Circus had been there. It was known that prisoner had been there two or three times a week, and he had been brought home drunk. He knew that he couldn't do that on 5s. a week.

Prisoner pleaded guilty.

General Williams, after commenting upon the baseness of prisoner's conduct, sentenced him to three calendar months' imprisonment in the House of Correction, Sandwich.


Thanet Advertiser, Saturday 14 January 1882.

Drunk on Licensed Premises.

John Hunter pleaded guilty with being drunk on licensed premises, on the 31st December.

P.C. Oclee said he saw defendant drunk in the "Deal Cutter Inn," by James Bludds. He told defendant that P.S. Tanton wished to speak to him, and he then went out.

Fined 1s. and 7s cost, or 7 days.


From the Thanet Advertiser, Saturday 27 November, 1897.


Apply E. Budds, Deal, "Cutter Inn," King Street, Ramsgate.


From the Thanet Advertiser, Tuesday, 7 March 1939.


Only three days after the wedding of his daughter, Mr. Arthur Robert Benefield, licensee of the "Deal Cutter Inn," King-street, Ramsgate, died on Thursday.

Mr. Benefield, who was 60 years of age, had been in poor health for some time. He was unable to be present at St. George's Church, Ramsgate, on Monday, when his daughter, Miss Winifred Mary Benefield, was married to Mr. John Hamilton, of Midlothian, Scotland.

Ill-health seems to have dogged the family in recent months, for Mrs. Hamilton was to have been married in December but her wedding had to be postponed on account of her serious illness.

Mr. Benefield succeeded Mr. J. E. Kember as licensee of the "Deal Cutter" and had been at the house for only a short while.

For many years prior to taking over the "Deal Cutter" he was licensee of the "General Joffre," formerly the "Prince Coburg," also in King-street. He left the "General Joffre" when the license was surrendered with that of the "Duchess of Kent" to make way for the new "Duke of Kent."


The interment took place in the St. Lawrence portion of Ramsgate Cemetery on Saturday, the committal service being conducted by the Vicar of Ramsgate (the Rev. C. R. Farnsworth).

The chief mourners were Mr. and Mrs. John Hamilton (son-in-law and daughter). Mrs. W. Whittaker (sister). Mrs. Hanswell (sister-in-law) Mr. and Mrs. H. Benefield (niece and nephew), Mr. Frank Benefield (nephew), Miss M. Atkins (niece). Mrs. J. Benefield (sister-in-law), Mr. Fright (brother-in-law) and Mrs. Harry Benefield (sister-in-law).

The floral tributes included those from:- Mr. and Mrs. J. Hamilton; Sister Lucy; Bert, Florrie and Fred; Frank, Rose, Frankie, and Cecil; Em; Lissie, Mirrie and Kath; Bob and Jennie; Lucy; Billy, Ethel, and Doris; Messrs. Tomson and Wotton Ltd.; the Deal Cutter Slate Club; the Deal Cutter Social Club; Mr. and Mrs. Perry ("King’s Arms"); the "York Tavern" Sports Club; Mr. and Mrs. Carden and Harry; Mrs. Miles and Maud; Mr. and Mrs. Groom; Bill and Bob Moore; lady friends of the Deal Cutter; Matron White (Crescent-road Nursing Home); Mr. Scamp; Bill, Fred, and Albert Griggs; Mr. Miller and Mrs. Harris.

Messrs. W. P. Blackburn, of King-street, Ramsgate, carried out the funeral arrangements.


From the Thanet Advertiser, Friday 23 May, 1941.

Haddock and eggs missing from mess.

Former licensee bound over.

John East Kember, formerly licensee of the "Deal Cutter" public house, Ramsgate, was bound over for six months at Ramsgate County Police Court, on Tuesday, when he was charged with the theft of a quantity of food from an Officers Mess.

Kember, whose address was given as Wilson's Road, Ramsgate, was represented by Mr. A. R. Young. He admitted stealing a smoked haddock and four eggs but denied taking other articles.

Flight Sergeant Eric Arthur Vaughan, who saw defendant at 3 p.m. on 30th April, said Kember had a 2lb tin of syrup in a bag, which he said had been given him by a batman. In his gas mask case he had four eggs and in his overcoat pocket he had a haddock. Kember admitted taking the eggs and the haddock from the mess.

Police Sergeant Wilkinson, K.C.C., who saw defendant later the same day, said Kember made a statement in which he admitted the theft.

Kember told the magistrates that he was employed as the vegetable cook. In January he worked continuously for 106 hours, and on 24th January he collapsed, and had since been subject to attacks of neurasthenia. He had been employed in his present position since August last year and owing to air raids and exceptionally long working hours had become ill. On the day of the theft he had been battling against an attack of neurasthenia.

When inspector L. Belsey asked if the strain of air raids and long hours would encourage a man to commit a crime. Mr. Young said it was probable that when Kember took the food he did not realise what he was doing.

A hero of Zebrugge.

Evidence given by Dr. D. P. Crawford showed that in January and February Kember was suffering from acute neurasthenia and was bordering on hysteria.

Mr. Young stated that Kember joined the Royal Marines in 1906 and served until the end of the last war, gaining a number of medals. He was badly wounded at Zebrugges and was one of the men whose names were submitted for the V.C. Kember's service record gave him a very good character the highest recommendation of character obtainable in the Marines. For four years he was licensee of the "Deal Cutter," Ramsgate.

A steady and sober man, Kember who committed the theft possibly owing to a lapse brought about by an attack of neurasthenia.

The chairman (Captain A. C. Hatfield) said the bench hook these cases in a serious light, but in view of defendant's good character and the doctor's evidence the magistrates had decided to deal leniently with him. Kember would be bound over for six months and ordered to pay 15s. costs.


Thanet Times, Tuesday 20 October, 1964.

A house noted for its competitions.

William Gillians 1964

A Ramsgate public house which has become renowned throughout Thanet for its friendly competitions among its regulars is the "Deal Cutter," at King Street.

Licensee at the house for the past 4 years has been Newcastle born Mr. William Gillians, and he has been the man responsible for the contests.

The most famous of the contest held at the house is the egg eating competition. This has been held for three of of the four years in which Mr. Gillians has been at the "Deal Cutter."

"When I held the first contest at the pub I had a very nice letter of congratulations from the Egg Marketing Board, and I am still proud of it," said Mr. Gillians.

The contest was not held this year, but Mr. Gillians said that it would be back to normal again next year.

Mr. Gillian's competitions at the pub have made for a happy house. Another competition for darts, is held every Sunday morning and, said Mr. Gillian's, everybody seems to enjoy it.

Proud of being a Geordie, especially when I look at the papers and see that the team has won, he moved from his native Newcastle to Devon just after the war.

From Devon he moved to London, and in 1951 moved down to Ramsgate, working for another large public house before becoming licensee of the "Deal Cutter."



I am informed that the premises is now (2021) owned by local businessmen Keith Clark.



STUPPER Edward 1823-39+ Pigot's Directory 1828-29Pigot's Directory 1832-34

JAMESON Richard Spain 1841-51 (age 30 in 1841Census)

COLLYER James 1851+ (age 41 in 1851Census) died on 21/Dec/1858

JARMAN James 1855+

Last pub licensee had BUDDS James 1861+ (age 35 in 1861Census)

COOMBER Charles 1862-67+

BUDDS James 1871-91+ (age 56 in 1881Census) Electoral Register

Last pub licensee had BUDDS Edward (son) 1897-1907+ (age 43 in 1901Census) Kelly's 1903

SMITH Edwin Jesse 1913-22+

DAVEY/DAVY Arthur Douglas 1930-34+

KEMBER John East 1936-38+

Last pub licensee had BENEFIELD Arthur Robert to Mar/1939 dec'd

SETTERFIELD Thomas 1951-53+

CALLANDER William 1955-57+

GILLIANS William 1960-64+


Pigot's Directory 1828-29From the Pigot's Directory 1828-29

Pigot's Directory 1832-34From the Pigot's Directory 1832-33-34


Electoral RegisterElectoral Register

Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903


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