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Charles Dickens

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Victoria Parade


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Charles Dickens building 1871

Above photo, 1871, showing the Assembly Rooms later to become "Anderson's Cafe and the "Charles Dickens."

Charles Dickens 2009

Above photo, 2009, kindly sent by Michael Mirams.

Charles Dickens sign 1986Charles Dickens sign 1991

Above sign left, October 1986. Sign right, October 1991.

Charles Dickens sign 1992

Above sign 1992.

With thanks from Brian Curtis

Charles Dickens match box

Above matchbox, date unknown, kindly sent by Debi Birkin.


I would really like your help with any information or photographs regarding this house. Preferably historical facts, names of licensees and photographs. Every email is replied and anything added referenced to the supplier with thanks.


East Kent Times and Mail, Friday 21 November 1975.

Publican loses his appeal against the driving conviction.

A Broadstairs publican has lost his appeal against a motoring conviction which arose from an accident in which and 9 year old boy died.

Trevor Hayman, 30, of Chandos Square, Broadstairs, licensee of the "Charles Dickens" pub had been convicted by Ramsgate magistrates in February of driving without reasonable consideration for other road users.

After his appeal had been dismissed at Canterbury Crown Court on Wednesday, the fine was confirmed and Mr. Hayman was ordered to pay costs of 150.

The accident at Westover Road Broadstairs, happened on April 16 last year, when 9-year-old Kevin Carter ran in front of Mr. Hayman's sports car and died later from his injuries.

Mr. Stephen Hockman, for the respondent, said the point of issue was the speed of Mr. Hayman's car.

The fact that the boy had been killed was an unhappy outcome, but had nothing to do with the offence.

Mr. David Radrum, a scientific officer at the police science laboratory in London, said that from measurements and calculations taken from skid marks in the road, he estimated that Mr. Hayman's speed could have been as high as 48 miles an hour.

But he accepted that it was impossible to be definite and the speed could have been lower.

Mr. Roger Henderson, for Mr. Hayman, argued that his client admitted exceeding the 30 mile mph speed limit on Westover road, that didn't not mean he had no consideration for other road users.

The boy ran into the road and even if Mr. Hayman had been doing less than 30 mph he claims an accident would have been almost inevitable.

Judge John Streeter said the court was satisfied that driving without reasonable consideration could relate to speed and they were also satisfied Mr. Hayman had been driving too fast in the circumstances.

The appeal was therefore dismissed.


Thanet Times, Tuesday 1 July 1980.

Change of mind man can't hold pub sale.

A bit by Mr. Frank Thorley to retain the "Charles Dickens" public house and Copperfield's Restaurant at Broadstairs has failed.

The sale to a member of the Grand Metropolitan group of companies has gone ahead.

Mr. Thorley decided to sell the popular seafront establishment, then had second thoughts.

It is understood that when he signed the original contract he had been unwell and had been advised to cut down at his business interests.

When he had a change of mind he approached the company to see if he could be released from the agreement. But this has not been possible.

Mr. Thorley said the completion of the sale - to Albion Taverns, a trading company of Messrs Chef and Brewer, members of Maxwell Joseph's Grand Metropolitan group - was taking place yesterday (Monday).

"The original completion date of 19 May was extended while I was attempting to negotiate terms to call off the sale," said Mr. Thorley. "But this was not possible, as the buyers decided they were not prepared to release me from the contractual obligations into which I had entered.

This leaves just two Thorley Taverns in the Broadstairs they are, the "Captain Digby," Kingsgate and the newly opened "Fagins" freehouse, incorporating Peggotty's Diner, at Queens Gardens, Broadstairs.




HYMAN Trevor 1975+


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