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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Barry Smith and Paul Skelton

Earliest 1841-

Princess Maud

Latest 1895

(Name to)

6 Hawkesbury Street



The public drank here in 1847 and very early arrangements were made for the coffee drinkers from 1872. A compromise seemed to emerge in 1895 when it amalgamated with its neighbour, the "Railway Inn", to form one establishment.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 28 February, 1868.


In the case of Jane Walters, remanded from the previous Monday, charged with concealment of birth, there was a medical certificate signed by J. Walter Esq., from which it appeared that she was still too unwell to be brought before the Magistrates, and the investigation of the charge was therefore further adjourned till this day. (Friday.)


THIS DAY.- (Before E. F. Astley, J. F. Crookes and W. R. Mowll, Esqs.)


Jane Walters was charged with concealing the birth of her male child by putting it in a heap of rubbish, in Round Tower Lane.

The prisoner, who seemed in a very delicate state was accommodated with a seat.

James Tremere, a boy 12 years of age, said he was in Round Tower Lane, about one o'clock on the afternoon of Sunday week, when he kicked against a paper parcel which was lying in a heap of rubbish. He picked the parcel up and finding, on opening it, that it contained something like a child he dropped it, and called out to two young men who were passing at the time. They called Mrs. Clements, who keeps a shop close by. Several boys were there by that time, and Mrs. Clements, having taken up the parcel and examined it, threw it over a wall close by.

Susannah Clements, wife of Stephen Clements, said she lived in Paradise Street, and that on Sunday week, in the afternoon, her attention was drawn to Round Tower Lane, where she saw, among a few ashes which had been shot into the street, the dead body of a child. She picked it up, and put it over Mr. Clerk's wall till she could give information. She afterwards told a policeman, and went to the yard of Mr. Clark, and she saw the policeman take it away.

William Clark, a butcher, said his back yard abutted on Round Tower Lane. He was in the yard on Sunday week, when the body of the child was thrown over his wall. He sent for a policeman, and on the policeman and Mrs. Clements coming the officer took the child away.

Police-constable Alfred Levett deposed to taking possession of the child.

Jane, wife of John Charles Young, who keeps the "Princess Maude," in Hawkesbury Street, said the prisoner was in her service. She came to live with her about seven weeks ago and remained till the morning of the 16th. Between three and four in the afternoon of that day witness had to go through the prisoner's room to get to some other rooms at another part of the house, and from the appearance of the room she believed that birth had been given to a child. The side-door of the house leads into Round Tower Lane. The back-door is bolted, but a person indoors could always get out. The prisoner had left the house at half-past one to go to Canterbury, having asked on the previous Friday for permission to go. She returned from Canterbury the same night at ten o'clock. On witness questioning her she said nothing, and a policeman, who was in the house then took her into custody. Witness had no suspicion that the prisoner was enceinte (pregnant), and she had done her work as normal in the morning.

The prisoner on being asked if she had any questions to put to the witness, said she had not.

Police-constable Smith said he took the prisoner into custody. She did not say anything. He conveyed her to the police-station in a cab. The Superintendent took the charge, and read it over to her, cautioning her in the usual way, when she said, "Yes, I did put it there." The child, which had been brought to the station-house, was shown to her, and she said, "Yes, that is mine."

Susannah Howse said she acted as female searcher at the station-house. On the night of Sunday week  she searched the prisoner by directions of the Superintendent. Witness knew what prisoner was charged with. She found that the prisoner required a medical attendant, and the prisoner was then put into a cab and driven by Mr. Walter's.

The prisoner had no questions to ask either of the two foregoing witnesses.

John Walter, Esq., said that on the night of Sunday, the 16th, the prisoner was brought to his house in a cab by Mrs. Howse, and at Mrs. Howse's request he examined her and found that she had been recently delivered of a child, and that the afterbirth had not been removed. He took her to the Union, where the delivery was completed. He saw the body of the child, which was still-born. No assistance had been rendered at the birth. The child was not full-grown, but was between the eighth and ninth month.

Police-constable Smith, recalled, said he searched the prisoner's box on the following day, and found not the slightest trace of preparation for the birth of a child.

The prisoner, who had no defence to offer, was formally committed for trial at the nest Maidstone Assizes.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 30 August, 1889. Price 1d.



Mr. F. Hoskins, the proprietor of this house, was personally cautioned, there having been a conviction during the year.




DENNIS Elizabeth 1841+ (age 40 in 1841Census)

DENNIS Thomas 1847-61+ (age 39 in 1851Census) Bagshaw's Directory 1847Melville's 1858

HAWKES 1868 end

YOUNG George Charles 1868-74 Next pub licensee had (age 37 in 1871Census)

DENNIS Thomas Apr/1874-75 (age 50 in 1861Census) Dover Express

PEEL John 1875-May/76 Dover Express

JACKSON William Charles Rowe May/1876-July/82 Next pub licensee had (age 37 in 1881Census) Dover ExpressPost Office Directory 1882 (of Winchelsea Street)

MAYCOCK John Bailey to Mar/1886 Dover Express

BUTTERWICK Robert Mar/1886-Jan/87 Dover Express

OXLEY Richard Next pub licensee had Jan/1887-Mar/88 Dover Express

HOSKINS/HOSKEN Frederick Mar/1888-95 (age 54 in 1891Census)Dover Express


Bagshaw's Directory 1847From Bagshaw Directory 1847

Melville's 1858From Melville's Directory 1858

Post Office Directory 1882From the Post Office Directory 1882

Dover ExpressFrom the Dover Express



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