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Earliest 2007

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The Party Bar

Closed 2017

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9 Church Street


The Party Bar

Above photo by Paul Skelton 12 August 2009.


1992 this bar was called Bluffs and at one time Harley's Wine Bar, and I believe other names as well, still to be researched. Indeed, this establishment seems to change name every couple of years.

Called Euphoria or Felsons Wine Bar in 1996. I just can't keep up with the different names of this one.

Now reincarnated again as "The Party Bar." I wonder how long this one will remain?


From the Dover Express, 26 March, 2009.

A DISABLED dad has had his dosage of antidepressants boosted as he struggles to cope with the "hellish" noise and vulgar behaviour of town-centre revellers.

Edward & Ann-Marie Young

Edward Young, 43, of Stembrook Court, Dover, says he has barely had a decent night's sleep in his council flat at weekends since the nearby Party Bar was granted its premises licence in May 2007.

The married former construction site worker, who has been on antidepressants for five years after three suicide attempts, raged: "The level of noise from people near that place is so loud it could wake a corpse"

Mr. Young and wife Ann-Marie, 37, his full-time carer, laid bare the extent of their torment living opposite the Church Street venue as people mill outside or walk past his home. His concerns include:

• People urinating outside the entrance of the Stembrook Court flats

• Broken bottles, litter and drugs paraphernalia left strewn across the neighbourhood in the morning

• Foul language and rowdiness.

Party Bar area

The police and council say they are aware of the noise round the Party Bar. The council say two complaints about loud music have been dealt with and two complaints about clubbers' noise are being investigated.

Woodnesborough-born Mr Young, who uses a walking stick after dislocating his left knee eight years ago, said: "My doctor was weaning me off the tablets. I felt stronger in myself. But I'm back up to full dosage because of the level of stress my GP says I'm under.

"I've turned into a zombie because I'm unable to get to sleep when the club is open.

"I'm fully aware living close to a nightclub there's going to be noise. But what we are talking about is hellish.

"I'm sick and tired of people using our flats as a public 'toilet. There's a constant smell of stale urine."

PC Steve Alexander said: "I am aware of noise nuisance being generated from this location on a few occasions. Unfortunately the smoking ban means people at the venue have to go outside the front entrance to smoke.

"Any noise calls received would be passed to the nuisance-noise department at the council as they deal with these issues. I have liaised directly with the landlord and directed him to make contact with the environmental health team for guidance. Patrols regularly patrol the town centre at night and do pay attention to this, along with other premises."

Party Bar licensee Keith Craig was unavailable for comment.




CRAIG Keith May/2007-10+


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