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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Barry Smith and Paul Skelton

Earliest 1891

(Name from)


Latest 1938

120 Snargate Street


Ordnance and trams

The Ordnance is shown on the left of the trams. The photograph was taken around 1920 and is by kind permission of Philip Smye-Rumsby, managing director of Smye-Rumsby Ltd.

Ordnance location 2016

Above photo, circa 2016, by Paul Wells.


This was the former "Old Post Office", "Prince Arthur" and "Victory". The last name must have been adopted in 1895. An “Ordnance Arms” addressed simply 'Paradise', was kept by Ruttom in 1805. A bomb landing on the roof on 20 May 1916 must have shook the building somewhat and it may have been a victim in world war two also. I do not know. It just seems to vanish into thin air after 1938. I found no evidence of its closure but I found no mention of it either after that year.


Arial shot Snargare Street 2950

Arial shot circa 1950 showing bombed area of 115-121 Snargate Street.

From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 24 April, 1914. Price 1d.


At the Dover Police Court on Monday, before Mr. M. Pepper (in the chair), Captain R. B. Cay, R.N., and Mr. Edward Chitty.

Frederick Raymond Baile, stoker, H.M.S. Nottingham, was charged with wilfully breaking a pane of glass in the passage at the “Ordnance” public house, Snargate Street, doing damage to the amount of 2s. 6d., the property of Mr. William Taylor, the licensee; and, further, with assaulting a lady there by striking her in the face with his fist.

William James Taylor, licensee of the “Ordnance” public house, Snargate Street, said: On Saturday, between 10.15 and 10.30 p.m., the prisoner came in with some fried fish and potatoes, which he dropped on the table. He went up to two women in the bar and pulled them about. I told him to behave himself, or to get out. I did not serve him. As he refused to leave, I went out to find a Constable, but could not. When I returned, the prisoner apologised, but when I went to serve someone in the public bar I heard a smack, and on going back I found a woman lying on the seat, having been struck by the prisoner on the face. The prisoner swung his arms about; hitting everyone in the bar. I obtained assistance, and put him outside. He then rushed through the passage and broke a pane of glass with his fist. He caused a disturbance outside and also threatened to break the plate glass. He was taken into custody, and I later charged him. He was not drunk.

The complainant in the assault charge said: On Saturday evening I went to get some stout for supper. A sailor came I while I and another lady were talking to the landlady, and put his arms around both our necks. The landlord called him to order, and the prisoner threw his cap down and wanted to fight him. The landlord walked away, and the landlady also told him to behave himself. When she went to another part of the bar the prisoner again came up and put his arms round our necks. I pushed him away, and he struck me in the face, knocking me backwards making my nose bleed, and causing me to feel dazed. I left the house immediately after.

Police Constable Merricks said: On Saturday, about 10.40 p.m., I was on duty in Snargate Street, when I was informed of a disturbance at the “Ordnance.” I found the prisoner outside. He was drunk, and in a fighting attitude, with his coat off, and offering to fight anyone. Mr. Taylor showed me the broken pane of glass, and said that he wished to charge the prisoner. I went outside, and the complainant as to the assault showed me where the prisoner had struck her, her face being inflamed and her nose bleeding. She said that she wished to charge the prisoner, and I told the prisoner that he would have to come to the Police Station. He refused to come, and put both arms round my waist, and we both fell down. With assistance, I handcuffed him, and then he was strapped on an ambulance and brought to the Police Station.

Prisoner said that he was very sorry for what had occurred, and especially his conduct towards the lady, to whom he wished to apologise. He did not remember having seen her, or anything that occurred. He was drunk.

In reply to Captain Cay, prisoner said that he got drunk in Dover. It was the first time he had been I the town.

Captain cay: What public houses did you get drunk in; in the one where you broke the window?

I do not know where it is.

The Chairman said that the Bench were much inclined to send the prisoner to gaol but they had decided to fine him 10s. for breaking the glass, including the damage, and 20s. for the assault.

Mr. Edward Chitty said that the prisoner had only six months' service, and had five offences against him. If he went on like that he would very soon be turned out of the Navy. He advised him to give up the drink.

Captain Cay also suggested to the prisoner that he should try and become a teetotaller.

Prisoner said he would.


Dover Express 21st June 1918.

The Dover Tribunal 19th June 1918.

The Mayor presided and there were also present Messrs. Robson, Beeby and Barnes.

Mr. R. Mowll appeared for Mr. W. J. Taylor, aged 45, Grade 1, Licensed victualler, landlord of the “Ordnance” public house, Snargate Street.

Applicant said that his wife was about to undergo an operation and the house could not be conducted by a woman.

Mr. Mowll said that the Tribunal in the past have not dealt very lightly with licensed victuallers, but he did not know if they would continue that course now that they would be dealing with the older men. Mr. Robson said that, if the house was such that it could not be conducted by a woman, he thought that the sooner it was shut down the better.

Three months exemption was granted, and it was stated that this was in order to give the applicant a chance of getting into the sea service. Applicant said that he would do that if his wife were better.



ROBINSON James R 1891+ (age 59 in 1891Census)

CLEMPSON C 1895 Pikes 1895

HARRISON Arthur James to Jan/1900 Dover Express

EGGLETON Stephen Jan-Nov/1900 Dover Express (Late of Henley-on-Thames)

SHEPPARD Richard Thomas Nov/1900-Mar/02 Dover Express

BROOK John R Mar/1902-03 Dover Express

FOOKS James R 1903 Kelly's 1903

DURANCE George Henry 1903-04 end

MINOLETTI Giacomo Guiseppe 1904-June/1905 Dover Express

WOOD William George June/1905+ Dover Express (Secretary to Alfred Leney & Co.)

TAYLOR William James 1907-Apr/22 Post Office Directory 1913Post Office Directory 1922Dover Express

CORNWELL William John Apr/1922-Feb/23 dec'd Dover Express (Former Ship's Steward)

CORNWELL Mrs N (widow) Feb/1923+ Dover Express

CORNWALL W E 1924 Pikes 1924

CORNWELL William John 1930 Post Office Directory 1930

CORNWELL Mrs Ellen S 1932-38+ Next pub licensee had Pikes 1932-33Post Office Directory 1938Pikes 1938-39


Pikes 1895From Pikes Dover Blue Book 1895

Post Office Directory 1903From the Post Office Directory 1903

Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903

Post Office Directory 1913From the Post Office Directory 1913

Post Office Directory 1922From the Post Office Directory 1922

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Post Office Directory 1930From the Post Office Directory 1930

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Dover ExpressFrom the Dover Express


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