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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Barry Smith and Paul Skelton

Earliest Sept 1897

(Name from)

Miner's Arms

Latest 31 Dec 1909

9 Beach Street and 37 Seven Star Street


Above photo showing approximately 35 Seven Star Street circa 1912.


Once the "Seven Stars Inn" and then the "Admiral", this name appertained from 1897. The sinking of the Brady and the Simpson pits at Shakespeare Colliery had begun the previous year. Perhaps the miners lodged here. It had been a lodging house in the past. I don't know if it was still so employed.


There were entrances from the two streets and its neighbour was the "Deal Cutter". Redevelopment brought about its closure on 31 December 1909 and 1912 saw a closure notice on the house itself. The street properties all disappeared shortly afterwards. Those houses in turn disappeared in the early 1970's with little prospect of residential property ever returning. The street name is perpetuated however by the Beach Street entrance to the Western docks.

For photo of Beach Street click here.


The Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, Saturday 18 November 1905.

In the Divorce Division on Monday the case of White v. White and Keats was heard. It was a petition presented by the husband, Lionel Reuben White, of Bartholomew Street, Dover, praying for the dissolution of his marriage with his wife, Emma, on the ground of her alleged misconduct with the co-respondent.

Mr. H. J. Murphy was counsel for the petitioner, but there was no defence.

It appeared that the parties were married at the Ramsgate Registry Office in October, 1891. The petitioner being a musician at the theatre at Dover, while the wife was engaged in Sanger's troop.

In 1891 the petitioner took a public-house, the "Miner's Arms," Dover, and while he continued his duties at the theatre, the respondent looked after the tavern. In 1903 the co-respondent became a frequent customer at the house, and was much given to a game at darts, the respondent at times playing with him. The petitioner complained, and asked the respondent for an explanation, but it was not at all satisfactory. After that the petitioner picked up a piece of paper with the word "darling" written on it. The petitioner again asked for an explanation, and the respondent then said that nothing wrong had taken place. In 1903 the petitioner awoke one night and found the respondent absent from their room. He went downstairs and discovered the respondent sitting in an arm-chair and the co-respondent asleep on the sofa. He kicked the co-respondent out of the place. The public-house was given up, and it was agreed that husband and wife should live apart. The petitioner this year found out that the respondent had given birth to a child of which he was not the father, and the present suit was then brought.

Evidence having been given in support of counsel’s statement, the learned judge granted the petitioner a decre nisi, (date on which a marriage will end) with costs.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, 5 February, 1909.



This was an objection to the renewal of the licence of the Miner's Arms, Beach Street, by the Chief Constable on the ground that the licence was not necessary, and that it was not in the interest of the public that it should be renewed. Mr. R. Mowll appeared for the owners, Messrs. Leney and Co.

The Chief Constable said that the "Miner's Arms" was situate in Beach Street, the owners being Messrs. Leney and Co., of Dover. The present tenant was Mr. J. Mummery, to whom the licence had been transferred in 1906.There had been six tenants in nine years. The rateable value was 19 10s. gross, and 16 10s. net. The licensed houses in the immediate neighbourhood were those mentioned for the "Deal Cutter." The frontage was 20ft. There was a bar, private bar, and bar parlour, an entrance from the front and another from Seven Star Street. It was formerly a common lodging house. On Saturday, 16th January, at 12.15, there were three customers; on Wednesday, January 20th, at 2.55 p.m., no customers; on Saturday, January 23rd, at 10.08 a.m. the place was not open; at 6.36 p.m. on Thursday, January 28th, it was not open.

Mr. Mowll: The tenant was not very well then.

Detective Sergeant Mount corroborated the statements of the Chief Constable.

The Bench retired to consider their decisions in the four cases, and returned in a very few moments and announced that each would be put forward for compensation, the licenses would only be provisionally renewed.

From the Dover Express and East Kent News, 5 February, 1909.



Arthur Martin was charged on remand with stealing a pair of ladies' shoes, at St. Margaret's the property of Henry Bray, on he 20th November last.

The evidence of the complainant and Police-constable Stokes having been read over.

Police-constable Southey deposed to visiting the "Miner's Arms" Lodging House on the evening of the 21st, where he found Martin. In reply to questions, the prisoner said he found the boots in a rubbish heap at St. Margaret's, and had sold them to a man in the street at Dover for 4d. Witness subsequently went to Mt. Tutt, boot repairer, of 6, Queen Street, who handed him the shoes. Next morning witness went to the lodging house again with P.C. Stokes, and arrested the prisoner.

Walter Tutt, boot repairer, of 6, Queen Street, said the prisoner came to his shop on the evening of the 20th, and offered the shoes (produced) for sale. Witness gave him 1s. 6d. for the shoes.

Eight previous convictions since 1887 for larceny, drunkenness, and common assault were proved by Superintendent Stone.

Prisoner was sentenced to three weeks' hard labour.


Dover Express 23rd July 1909.

Town, Port & Garrison.

At a meeting of the East Kent Compensation Authority held at Canterbury on Wednesday, the licences of the following public houses in Dover were refused, subject to compensation, notice having been received from the owners that they raised no objection to that course: "George Hotel," Snargate Street (Albert Fitzroy Bidgood), "Deal Cutter," Beach Street, (Clarence Walton), "Miner’s Arms," Beach Street, (John Mummery).


From the Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, Saturday 16 October, 1909.


A meeting of the East Kent Compensation Authority was held at the Guildhall, Canterbury, on Tuesday, under the chairmanship of Lord Harris, the other members of the Committee present being:- The Earl of Guilford, Lieut.-Col. S. Newton Dickenson, and Messrs. H. Fitzwalter Plumptre, H. S. Chapman. F. H. Wilbee, F. E. Burke, and H. H. Green.

Compensation in respect of a number of houses was allocated.

"Miner's Arms." Dover, alehouse, tenant. Mr. John Mummery, owners. Messrs. Alfred Leney and Co., Ltd., Dover.

Amount agreed upon 306, owners to receive 256, and tenant 50.




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SAMSON Henry Alfred Jan/1900+ Dover Express (Late labourer of Tenterden)

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RANSHAW/RENSHAW Thomas C to Aug/1901 (age 35 in 1901Census) Dover Express

WHITE Lionel Reuben Aug/1901-03+ Kelly's 1903Dover Express

WILSON H P 1903-Aug/06 Dover Express

MUMMERY/MURRAY John Aug/1906-09 Dover Express


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