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30 June 1953

Merry Dolphin

Latest 1991

(Name to)

Inside the Eastern Docks


Merry Dolphin and Car Ferry Terminal 1953
Merry Dolphin

The above two pictures show a model of the New Car Ferry Terminal for 1953, including the Merry Dolphin.

Merry Dolphin

The reception building of the car ferry terminal in the Eastern docks at Dover. It was designed by the Dover Harbour Board to ensure the speedy shipment and unloading of vehicles too and from the continent. The building shown on the right contains the Merry Dolphin bars.

Merry Dolphin

The entire complex, shown above was started in 1951 and opened on the 30th June 1953 at a cost of 750,000.

Inside the Merry Dolphin 1955

The car ferry terminal at Dover boasts an attractive restaurant by name "The Merry Dolphin", where meals can be had at almost any time. It is run by Graham Lyon, of "White Cliffs" and motel fame.


Merry Dolphin restaurant

Above photo showing the restaurant area.

Merry Dolphin restaurant.

Above photo showing the restaurant area.

From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday 3 July, 1953.

Merry Dolphin 1953

Above photo shows the new Car Ferry Terminal, opened on Tuesday. The magnificent Assembly Hall is in the foreground containing the "Merry Dolphin", behind that the extensive Customs Examination Hall, and the steamer, "Dinard" is berthed behind the soft-high twin portal towers.

Merry Dolphin 1985

Above photo, 1985, from Steve Osmond, showing the bar area.

Merry Dolphin building 1991

Above picture shows the building that houses the Merry Dolphin in 1991, after the office block was built.


This bar was in the Merry Dolphin reception area within the Eastern Docks and so not available to anyone who wasn't travelling, and so falls outside the confines of Barry Smith's public houses. However, I am including this with the lists on this site as Barry did do research into the licensees as below.

I am also told that this was run by the Trust House Forte Group.

I am informed that the bar remained open and surviving the customers till 1991 when the Dover Harbour Board decided to develop the dock area. However, recent information tells me that the port still has a bar in the same place, but it's now known as "Barnacles." At present I do not know when it opened or for how long.



COOKE Captain R W up to Aug/1953 Dover Express

Last pub licensee had LYON George Ernest Graham Aug/1953-55 Next pub licensee had Dover Express

SHARP Mrs N (or Share) 1955-73

Last pub licensee had ADKIN William 1974

COOK R W 1974

Last pub licensee had BOSSAERS Jacques M F J 1974 Next pub licensee had

Last pub licensee had LYON George Ernest Graham 1974

The above were also licensees of the "Lorry Driver's Canteen" in the Eastern Docks in 1974.


Dover ExpressFrom the Dover Express


If anyone should have any further information, or indeed any pictures or photographs of the above licensed premises, please email:-