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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Barry Smith and Paul Skelton

Earliest 22/May/1986

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Inside Eastern Docks



Above photo showing the location of "Barnacles" as being under the tent-like structure. Information tells me that this was built by Irish workers and was known as "Paddy's Wigwam." The above photo appeared in the 1991 Vauxhall Motoring Guide.


The premises as "Barnacles" was opened on 22 May 1986 by travel writer and TV presenter from Northern Ireland on the Holiday programme, Anne Gregg.

Barnicles decanter

Above decanter presented to Anne Gregg for the opening.

Decanter label


Situated inside the Eastern Docks, this bar is only available to people passing through the docks for the ferries. It is said that they had a 21 hour license, being open from 4 in the morning, right the way round to 1 o'clock the following morning, only being closed between 1 and 4 hundred hours.

Originally on the site of the "Merry Dolphin" the Dover Harbour Board decided to renovate and extend the area some time after 1991, and I am told that in almost the exact same spot "Barnacles" sprung up.

At present I do not know when it opened. I do know that a book titled "Offshore Ferry Services of England & Scotland" by Peter C Smith mentioned the bar in its publication of 2012. I believe it is still operation today (September 2016) as several web sites still make reference to it as being located in the Passenger Services Building.

However, Paul Wells has a photo of the building being demolished in 2008.


Barnacles demolition 2008

Above photo kindly sent by Paul Wells, showing the demolition of the building in 2008.


Knowledge from someone working inside the port is needed here, please.




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