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Earliest 1823-

Green Dragon

Latest 1899+

King Street


Green Dragon 1880

Above photo, circa 1880, kindly sent by C Hancocks.


Identified as early as 1823 and as late as 1899. Further details to follow when found.

The Post Office directory of 1878 also refers to a "Green Dragon" in Fisher Street, but I believe that to mean the "George and Dragon."

I am informed by C Hancocks that the building was pulled down and a post and sorting office built in its place.


Green Dragon location 2009

Above Google image, showing the location of the Green Dragon in July 2009.


However, that information has subsequently been suggested to be untrue as it appears the building is still standing, according to the plaque that is on the listed building. It suggests a date of circa 1380 as to when it was built, and appears to be the building on the left of the above picture.


Green Dragon plaque 2018

Above photo 2018 by Michael Mirams.

Above photo October 2018 by Michael Mirams.



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MATTHEWS Elizabeth Mrs 1871-74+ (age 57 in 1871Census) Kelly's 1874Post Office Directory 1874

CROTHALL William 1878+ Post Office Directory 1878 (also shoemaker)

SPARKES Esther Annie Miss 1881-82+ (age 44 in 1881Census) Post Office Directory 1882

BRETT Albert J 1891+ (also bricklayer age 29 in 1891Census)

BISHOP William Henry 1899+ Kelly's 1899

OLIVER Elizabeth Grace 1901-03+ (widow age 38 in 1901Census) Kelly's 1903


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