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Flotilla and Furkin

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1 Bench Street


Flotilla and Furkin

The Flotilla and Furkin circa 2000

From the Adscene 2 October 1997.

Flotilla and Furkin

New pub sets sail.

The Flotilla and Furkin pub in Bench Street, Dover, set sail for customers with its official opening on Thursday. The former Dover Tavern site has had 150,000 spent on it to give it a new look. Toasting it off on its voyage are licensees Emma Lawrence and Dan Warwick, watched from the deck of the ship by staff Karen Turner, Gemma Nash and Chris Lloyd.


From the Dover Express 25 September 1997.

Firkin fun at new inn.

THE Flotilla and Firkin pub in Bench Street, Dover, with licensees Dan Warwick and Emma Lawrence at the helm, opens to the public today, Thursday, September 25 at 11am. It is a 150,000 development at the former Dover Tavern site.


From Dover Town Centre Magazine November 1997




Another big financial investment in Dover - this time in Bench Street - has been welcomed by Town Centre Management.

The Birmingham based Firkin Brewery limited has spent 150,000 on their new pub, The Flotilla, at the corner of Bench street and Queen Street. The pub was previously The Dover Tavern.

A spokesman for the owners say the new name of the pub was chosen to "honour Dover's famous docks."

New licensees are Dan Warwick and Emma Lawrence who are offering a wide range of traditionally brewed Firkin ales as well as pub food. Bare wooden floorboards, hard wooden finishes and church pew-style seating helps create a traditional alehouse style.

And in keeping with the new name, nautical memorabilia adorns the walls of the pub to reflect the seafaring history of the area.

Before the 1939 - 45 war this was the site of the Guildhall Vaults pub.


From the Dover Express, 27 February 2003, by Nadine Miller.

Flotilla and Firkin

AL FRESCO: Dan Warrick and Kim Harding sit outside

Seating on Bench Street.

Drinkers can enjoy a cool pint outside.

THE Flotilla and Firkin pub in Bench Street is applying to put tables and chairs outside its doors for customers to enjoy a drink in the sunshine.

Rules have changed for businesses asking for permission to put furniture on a public highway to attract trade and offer an expanded service.

Previously companies could only apply to put tables and chairs outside during British Summer Time but now these guidelines apply all year round and need to be applied for annually. The council changed its policy on allowing tables and chairs on the highway all year round following a cabinet decision in July regarding a new cafe on Biggin Street.

Flotilla and Firkin manager Dan Warrick said: "It costs about 230 just to apply but it's definitely worthwhile because it attracts a lot of people in the summer. We open up the front doors and it really expands the pub making it more open and friendly; especially in the hot weather.

"It's nice to sit in the shade and drink a cold pint."

There can be problems with people who are not customers using the benches but Mr Warrick said it is always quickly dealt with.

He said: "The furniture outside brightens up Bench Street and it's nice to see people enjoying the weather. You do get the occasional tramp sitting down but there's never really any trouble."

The decision to grant permission for the five tables and 20 chairs will be decided next month by Dover District Council.

A council spokesman said: "We are considering proposals to allow tables and chairs all year round outside the Flotilla and Firkin in Bench Street."


From the Dover Mercury, 18 August 2005.

Pubs bid to open round the clock.

Many pubs have applied for longer hours, especially at weekends. The Flotilla and Firkin, in Bench Street, wants to close at 3am on Fridays and Saturdays, while the "Old Endeavour", in London Road, has applied to stay open until at 2.30am on Fridays and Saturdays.



Formally the "Dover Tavern"



WARWICK Dan & LAWRENCE Emma 1997-2003+



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