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18 July 2015 (Name from)


Open 2022+

6 Ladywell Place


07411 775568 - 01304 211999

Fleurs 2016

Above photo, 2016.

Fleurs sign 2016

Above sign 2016. Still showing a portrait of Sir John Falstaff.

Fleurs sign 2022Fleurs sign 2022

Above signs painted by Paul Skelton 2022 from a photo of the old signs.


The "Fleurs," first spoken about in June 2013 is thought to change the "Sir John Falstaff's" name, which is not the first time, and I personally didn't believe it would happen, as to date (August 2013) a new sign has been painted for the "Sir John Falstaff", which again, at time of writing has not opened, but there is certainly a lot of building work going on inside.

The pub finally opened on the 18th July 2015.


From the Dover Express, 29 October, 2015. By Joe Kasper.

Monday is the new fun day at wacky pub.

“MONDAY is the new Saturday” according to the owner of a quirky Dover pub - as his boozer is extending the weekend to three days.

Jeffrey Flowers

Jeffrey Flowers, 57, of Les Fleurs, holds live music on the first day of the week courtesy of reggae/dub band Hey Maggie.

But that is not the pub’s only slightly odd characteristic.

Upon entering the Ladywell pub, you might feel like you are in a scene from Roald Dahl’s The Twits, with furniture on the ceiling - including a pool table and a mirror.

Fleurs pool table


Dad-of-two Jeffrey, who has owned the place since 2012, told the Express he dreams up all the designs for his beloved Les Fleurs.

He said: “She’s got my heart. I sold my car for it and I cashed in my pension.

“I’m still not done doing it up - I want to bring the girl back to 100 years ago.”

Mr Flowers’ pub is certainly weird and wonderful - and the former Castlemount school pupil swears he has seen ghosts.

He told the Express: “I was sitting on the sofa one night and there was a big grey shadow - like a person.

“It walked through the bar and through the wall, from one side to the other.

“The other Saturday night, I saw a woman look through the window.

“I said to the barmaid ‘Who’s that looking through the window?’

Katie Rusk

“She said ‘who?’ I went out to look and it was gone.”

The former stonemason and farmer, who worked in France, has recently installed a fireplace. He intends to make the place - in his words - like a London pub.

He said: “I want to do mulled wine and cider, and get chestnuts roasting. You look outside and there’s a stone building and you can see Dover Castle. It’s got that London feel. It’s a historic pub and surrounded by history.”

And if you can play the piano or any other instrument, go along to show off your skills and there could be a free pint with your name on it.

The pub will be holding a Hallowe’en fancy dress party on Saturday with a prize for the best costume.



FLOWERS Jeffrey 18/July/2015+


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