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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Barry Smith & Paul Skelton

Earliest 1842-

Ferry Boat

Latest 1852+

Dover Union Workhouse



Another one that I have no information about other than it was in the Dover area around the middle of the 19th century and mine host was a Benjamin Coleman.

Further research tells me that the licensee was actually addressed as the Dover Union Workhouse, and where it says "Relation" which usually returned the likes of "Head" or "Wife" or "Daughter" etc. this one said "Pauper," so I wonder how many drunk workers he was responsible for?


Kentish Gazette, 29 October, 1842.

Another inquest was held at the "Newcastle Arms" Inn, Limekiln Street on Monday last, before the same coroner, (George Thomas Thompasson, Esq., the borough coroner) on the body of James Wilson, age 50, horse keeper, in the employee of Mr. Johnson Jun., who was unfortunately killed by kick from a horse belonging to his master, under the following circumstances:-

James Allen, porter in the employee of Mr. Johnson, coach master, had known the deceased for 15 years. He was a horse keeper, and had been in the employee of Mr. Johnson for the last five or six month .On Saturday last, about 5 o'clock, witness was in the coach-house adjoining the stable, when he saw the deceased walk from the stable into the coach-house, holding his hand to his side, as if in great pain. He asked him what was the matter, when he said a horse had kicked him; upon which witness enquired which horse, and he answered the fathermost in the stable - the one next the door of the stable. Witness set him upon of pail, and offered to fetch him some brandy to recover him; but he declined, saying he would lie down in a spare stall on some straw, and would soon get better. Witness not thinking he was seriously hurt, upon business calling him away, left; and on returning about half past six, found him sitting in a coach in the coach-house. On entering the coach-house she heard him groaning. He removed him into a jig, and, with assistance, conveyed him home. When the horse kicked him he was in the stable alone. It was a gelding of a very mild disposition that kicked him.

Benjamin Cole keeps the "Ferry Boat" beer-shop near the "York Hotel." Last witness came into his shop on Saturday night, and taking a light, desired him to come into the stable, as deceased had had a bad kick. He went in company with the last witness, and found deceased in a coach, who they removed him into a gig, and conveyed him home.

John Coleman, Jnr., surgeon, was called to attend the deceased on Saturday evening at 7, and found him in bed. He inquired of deceased where he was hurt, when he answered on his side, and that he had been struck by a horse.

He was in great pain when witness first saw him, and continued so so until 12 o'clock at night, when he expired.

The cause of death was a rupture of some important part of the cavity of the abdomen on the left side.

The jury returned a verdict of "Accidental death," and levied a deodand of 1s. on the horse.




COLEMAN Benjamin 1842-52 (age 65 in 1851Census)




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