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Earliest 1805

Brewers Arms

Latest 1867

67 Limekiln Street



A lease which commenced in 1866 existed between the Harbour Board and John Dram.


It is also known that Browning moved to here from the "Red Cow" a year later.


It was an outlet of George Sidney Page and I thought that lease marked its first connection with the trade. Well, it is never wise to presume. It later came to light that late Sandford of the "Brewers Arms" in 1805, served you with some good purl if desired, or a mug of Fenner's Canterbury beer.


Later this became the "Two Brewers"

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From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 14 June, 1867.


Michael Macfarlain, the soldier remanded from Tuesday on suspicion of felony, was again brought up.

Sarah Browning, wife of Thomas browning, landlord of the "Brewer's Arms," Limekiln Street, identified some of the things produced as the property of her husband. She identified all except a towel. She last saw them, in the dirty clothes' basket, on Sunday morning, and did not miss them till the police made enquiries about them. The clothes' basket was kept in the wash-house, which was on the ground floor, and was accessible from the other parts of the house. The value of the things was 5s.

Police-constable Bath having repeated the evidence he gave on Tuesday; the prisoner desired that the Magistrates would deal summarily with the case, and pleaded guilty, admitting that he broke into the house and took the things away.

The Magistrates sentenced him to twenty-eight days' imprisonment.


From the Dover Express and East Kent Intelligencer, 11 October, 1867.


John Taylor, the discharged soldier of the 95th, who was in custody last week, was again brought up, charged with attempting to stab two soldiers of the 5th Fusiliers, with a bayonet, on the proceeding night.

Frederick Dowson, a private of the 5th, said he was near the "Brewers' Arms" public-house, in Limekiln Street, about eleven on the previous night, when he saw the prisoner in company with Corporal Daly, of witness's regiment. Witness continued up the street, when prisoner followed him with a bayonet, which prisoner had taken from Daly. Witness, seeing that the prisoner had a bayonet, attempted to run away, but fell down. Another soldier belonging to the 5th, named Mackinnon, came to the spot, and prevented prisoner using the bayonet. In doing so Mackinnon got his fingers cut, the bayonet running between them.

In reply to the Magistrates, the witness said he had given the prisoner no provocation. The prisoner professed to be blind, but he ran after him as if he could see very well.

Francis Mackinnon, a bandsman, of the 5th, said he was in Limekiln Street, between ten and eleven on the previous night, when he saw the prisoner snatch a bayonet from Corporal Daly and pursue the last witness. Dowson fell down, and the prisoner was just making a lunge at him with the bayonet when witness came up and, arrested his arm, tried to get the bayonet away from him. In doing so, he got his fingers cut. Daly ought not to have had his bayonet, if he was not on duty; but from what he understood Daly had been chasing persons with the bayonet, previously to the prisoner getting possession of it.

The prisoner, on being asked what he had to say i his defence, desired that Daly, who was under arrest, might be sent for; but the Magistrates did not think this would help him, it appeared from the evidence of a sergeant of the 5th, who had arrested Daly, that he was drunk at the time and had lost his bayonet.

The prisoner then said that the men who had been examined before were "imposing" on a waiter at the "Canteen" when he came up and interfered for the man's protection. He denied the charge of stabbing altogether, although admitted that he had the bayonet.

The Magistrates committed him to prison for two months with hard labour.




SANDFORD Mrs Kate 1805


DRAM John 1866

Last pub licensee had BROWNING Thomas 1867


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