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9 Dec 2021

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Rainham Arms

To open 9 Dec 2021+

120 Wakeley Road


01634 239732

Rainham Arms

Above image showing a computer impression of what the pub will look like when opening under this name.

Rainham Arms sign 2021

Above sign 2021.


Previously known as the "Corcorde" this changed name in 2021 after a renovation.

Said to be reopening again under this name of 9th December 2021.


From the, By Alex Langridge, 10 December 2021.

Former Concorde pub in Rainham reopens as The Rainham Arms after refurbishment.

The new landlady of a pub that once had a bad reputation says it is a "new start" after it underwent a massive 200,000 transformation.

Previously known as the "Concorde," the boozer in Wakeley Road, Rainham, has changed its name to the "Rainham Arms" to give it a more community feel.

Rainham Arms 20221

Outside The Rainham Arms.

The pub shut its doors on November 7 while it underwent a month-long makeover. Regulars were allowed an exclusive look on Wednesday evening and it officially opened to the public yesterday.

Landlady Marian Strelley, said: "It has been manic but it is nice to be back open. It has been a long month.

"We opened to the regulars the other night which went really well. Everybody loved it. A lot of them did not know about the name change but they are happy with it."

The pub decided to change its name as the "Concorde" had a bad reputation over the years and a succession of short-term managers, Marian explained.

She added: "New name, new pub, new start."

Rainham Arms carvery 2021

They will be offering a carvery on Sundays.

Rainham Arms inside 2021

The pub has been made brighter and more welcoming.

Mum-of-two Marian alongside landlord Aaron Booth have been in charge for more than 18 months but a large part of that saw them closed because of lockdown.

As for the new name, the couple – who previously ran the "Old House at Home" in Sheerness – also took customers' advice.

The pub has been kitted out with a new kitchen, improved bar area, family-friendly amenities and new toilets which Marian describes as a "huge change".

They are also boasting a new and improved menu with an "off the smoker" section which is cooked on their three smokers.

Regular Paul from Rainham, who walked in for the first time while KentOnline was visiting, exclaimed his praises for the new decor.

Rainham Arms inside 2021

The pub has opened this week after the refurbishment.

Rainham Arms sinside 2021

The pub has opened this week after the refurbishment.

Rainham Arms staff 2021

From left: Bar staff Zoe Clayden, landlady Marian Strelley and pub regular Paul.

Rainham Arms outside area 2021

Outside The Rainham Arms as it gets ready for a Christmas market at the weekend.

"It is excellent, I love it," he said. "I keep looking out the window and checking where I am."

Yvonne Wallington, who lives across the road, was enjoying a meal with her family. She admitted it was her first time visiting the pub in the 50 years she has lived in the area.

She added: "It is going to be a real community pub. I have never noticed the garden before, that will be nice in the summer."

The pub is hosting a Christmas fair on Saturday, December 11 and the following weekend will be hosting an event for children where they can meet Santa.

And happy to get back to work behind the bar, Zoe Clayden added: "I love it, it is just fantastic. It is money well spent."




Last pub licensee had BOOTH Aaron & STRELLEY Marian Nov/2021+


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