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Earliest ????

White Horse

Latest 1950-

(Name to)

Hermitage Lane


Boughton Monchelsea

White Horse

Above photo, date unknown.


The premises changed name to the "Red House" I believe before the 1950s.


From a Boughton Monchelsea History Book.


My maiden name was Minnie Wallis. As a child I lived at the "White Horse," which is now called the "Red House." My father was the licensee and my mother lived there for twenty two years. In the hop-picking time, there the "White Horse," which is now called the "Red House" was always people fighting outside - gipsies who used to trot their ponies along the way selling them. London people used to come down and there used to be fights over the prices.

My mother used to say the women would take out their hat pins and shed blood with their pins - that was the origin of the "White Horse" starting to be called the "Red House," and more people now know it as the "Red House" than as the "White Horse." It was a very old house and there was only one room in it that looked anything like a public house and that was the one bar where people had their drinks and took their snuff - to see them taking out their little snuff boxes used to amuse us children. Mother said many times they would knock on the door at five o'clock in the morning, farm labourers would on their way to the farms, and call up "Come on Alice, we want a pint of beer to take to work with us".

My father was an invalid and she had him to look after and us four children to get off to school - and we walked there. The snow in winter was very thick and she used to worry about us going up East Hall Hill.

She used to make us put my dad's old woollen socks over the tops of our shoes to get up the hill. And when we got to the top, we thought that the children at school would make fun of us, so we used to take the socks off our shoes and put them in the hedge - marking the spot with a stone or piece of stick and then put them back on, on the way home. We were never late for school and it was at least a three mile walk. We used to collect about six other children on the way, the Thirkells, Gilbert and Phyllis Simmons.

We took sandwiches at first and then, when school dinners started, we took ten pence for them.



PERRIN William 1901+ (age 61 in 1901Census)

JURY Henry 1911+ (age 63 in 1911Census)

WALLIS Minnie ????

WALLIS Alice Maud 1931+




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