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Earliest 1950s-

(Name from)

Red House

Closed Mar 2004(Name to)

Hermitage Lane


Boughton Monchelsea

Red House 2001

Above photo, September 2001, kindly sent by Philip Dymott.

Red House 2004

Above photo, 2004, taken by Janice Mills.

Red House 2004

Above photo, 2004, taken by Janice Mills.

Red House inside 2004

Above photo, 2004, taken by Janice Mills.


I am informed that there used to be a country pub about 1 mile from Boughton Monchelsea called the "Red House." I believe it was situated along the Hermitage Lane and the above Google image has been sent to me from Ray Newman. Local man Steve Stubbs says he used to date the landlords daughter in the 1980s.

Further research tells me it was previously known as the "White Horse," but as yet the date of change of name is unknown.

The website, accessed 12 March 2020 says the following, but I don't know how current that information is or indeed whether this can be classed as a public house:- The "Red House" pub provides a place to relax, both for individuals seeking quiet time alone, or groups wanting a fun night out. Based in Hermitage Lane, Boughton Monchelsea, the "Red House" is a bar.

The "Red House" closed March 2004. It was demolished and rebuilt and opened as the "Mulberry Tree" restaurant in June 2007. The only part that remained and re-used in building the new restaurant was the fireplace and chimney, the rest of the building looked like a large house with large modern barn at the rear.


From an email received 24 August 2020.

I have some information about the Red House that you may find interesting.

I went on a cycle and camping tour going east from Aldershot and back again in a loop. The year would have been 1997. One of the places I camped on my tour was the "Red House," or more specifically the camp site behind the pub. The camp site was called the 'White Horse Camping and Outdoor Club' and announced it's name on a tiny nameplate about 3 inches by 1 inch on a small door in the fence. There was also a pair of gates (with no nameplate) for vehicles and caravans. The reason for the discretion was simple - the club was a naturist (nudist) club. Such clubs in Britain are almost always secretive about their existence, this one was no exception.

The club campsite was within an old orchard. I camped there for 3 nights during very hot weather before continuing my tour. The warm weather meant that there were many other campers, some were club members and others visitors from elsewhere in the country.

Campers were able to buy drinks via a serving hatch at the back of the pub, no need to have to dress to enter the pub because the hatch was unseen by customers inside the pub. The couple who ran the pub, called (I think) Iain and Linda, were themselves naturists and joined campers when the pub was closed. They left the pub and moved to France a year or two later and the campsite and club closed.

Although naturist clubs often have a licenced bar, the "Red House" remains the only regular pub I know of that also had its very own naturist club attached. A very unique selling point you must agree!


David Fisher.


From an email received 8 September 2020.

I first discovered the red house in 1976 when I lived in Staplehurst. I was sixteen and just got a moped.

I came across the pub on one of my adventures on the ‘ped.

It truly was in the middle of nowhere and was mainly frequented by biker types.

The next time I visited was in the early nineties when they’d have an annual beer festival, which was well know and appreciated locally and beyond.

Michael Eccleston.




If anyone should have any further information, or indeed any pictures or photographs of the above licensed premises, please email:-