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5 April 2019

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Open 2020+

169-171 Bridge Street


Sawyers 2019

Above photo 2019.

Sawyer's 2019

Above photo, July 2019, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Sawyers bar 2019

Above photo showing the bar 2019.

Ross and Claire Sledger

Above photo showing owners Ross and Claire Sledger. 2019.

Ross and Claire Sledger 2019

Above photo showing owners Ross and Claire Sledger. 2019.


Formerly known as the "Barber's Arms" as it was previously a Barbers shop, the premises is now known as the "Sawyer's" and opened on the 5th April 2019.


From the By Sam Williams. 1 May 2019.

New micropub Sawyers opens in Bridge Street, Wye.

A new micropub has opened in a village following a 15,000 refurbishment.

"Sawyers" opened in Bridge Street, Wye, in the site previously occupied by the "Barber's Arms," which closed in February.

The new drinking hole - which has received a huge makeover - offers ales, bottled beers, a selection of wines and spirits.

It has been opened by Wye couple Ross and Claire Sledger - who own the building - with the help of Ray Kerly and other staff.

"We wanted to create a nice village bar, a place to relax," Mr Sledger said.

"There are lots of great pubs in Wye with restaurants but this is more a micro bar, a place to drink."

Sawyers, named in honour of Mr Sledger's parents who worked as saw millers, has received new lighting, flooring, furniture and a paint job.

A wall has also been removed to extend the floor space.

The venue will hold monthly folk music nights.

Mr Sledger said: "We're really happy with the trade we've had so far.

"We've been rammed. Some people said they couldn't even get in the door."

Sawyers is open 6pm to 11pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and 5pm to 11pm on Fridays.

It will then be open 12pm to 11pm on Saturdays and 12pm-5pm on Sundays. It is closed Mondays.

It is planning monthly folk music evenings, the first of which was held on Sunday.


From the By Georgia Woolf, 13 July 2019.

Human bones found in back garden in Bridge Street, Wye, near Ashford.

A number of human bones from two skeletons have been unearthed in a village.

The ancient remains were discovered in a garden at a home in Bridge Street, Wye, near Ashford, by a builder who was digging up the site to fit an extension.

About seven police and forensic vehicles were dispatched to the scene after officers were alerted to the find last Friday and spent two days investigating.

Human Bones at Sawyers 2019

Bucket containing human remains.

Claire Sledger, who runs the Sawyers micropub in the village, has lived in the house for almost three years.

"We are trying to put an extension in, the builder was digging out the pavement when he found a bone," she said.

"We took the bones to the doctors' surgery as the builder's sister works there.

"They said that they were human.

"I thought it belonged to an animal at first but when I found out it wasn't I started to freak out.

"We reported it to the police on Friday and they took the bones off us and sent them off.

Clare Sledger 2019

Claire Sledger runs the Sawyers micropub in Wye.

"On Saturday afternoon the house got turned into a crime scene.

"We had a guard overnight to protect the site.

"There was total disbelief from people living nearby."

Bone at Sawyers 2019

One of the bones uncovered.

Experts are working to establish the age of the bones, but officers say the process could take several weeks.

Local historians say the houses in Bridge Street are believed to be built on an ancient burial ground.

Sawyers garden 2019

The patch of garden where the bones were unearthed.

"We would probably find more if we went back further in the garden.

"Police have told us if we find anymore to bag them up and contact them.

"It has freaked the kids out a bit, but we have told them that there is nothing to worry about.

"We have no bad feelings about it, it is still a lovely house.

"The local vicar has been contacted and once the bones are carbon-dated they will be released to him and given a decent burial.

"It is interesting, you don't expect it."

A member of the Wye Historical Society says the houses in Bridge Street are likely to be built on a Saxon medieval burial ground.

Archivist Maureen de Saxe said: "Bridge Street is the main road through Wye from the bridge across the river and through the village.

"The houses are built on a steep hill on the north of Bridge Street which is called Bolt Hill. The name suggests it was a Saxon settlement at some time.

"The site is traditionally thought to have been the site of the early Saxon church, although there is no actual confirmation."

Mrs de Saxe says human remains have been found on the site before.

She added: "The site remained undeveloped until 1930s when the present houses were built.

"When they were digging the foundations they came across numerous skeletons in a very good state of preservation.

"The feet were pointing towards the east which suggests it was a Christian burial ground.

"Eventually authorities were called in and the bodies were taken away to be reburied.

"There's a long history of bodies being buried on that site.

"We think also that it was probably a Roman site. Burials may have been going on at this site for a considerable amount of time.

"There's speculation, but I believe it's a Saxon medieval burial ground."




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