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Earliest May 2013

Barber's Arms

Closed Feb 2019

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169-171 Bridge Street


Barbers Arms 2013

Above photo, 2013 from


Classed as a Micropub and opened its doors over the Spring Bank Holiday weekend 2013.

The proprietor is Graham Austen, a cabinet maker who has fought objections from some villagers to obtain planning permission and change of use from being a hairdresser's salon.

Located at the village end of Bridge Street the pub has just one room and is entered up several steps. Bare boarded with a bar counter, the water cooled beer is kept in a back room stillaged for gravity dispense on racking made of builders' scaffolding.

The large front window is made up of individual panes. Inside there is bench seating - one of which has its back made of beer cask staves.

The usual unisex toilet for a micropub is at the back of building.


From 6 May 2013.

Graham Austin

An old barber's shop in Wye is to be given a new lease of life .... as a micropub.

Cabinet maker Graham Austen converting the empty hair salon at Bridge Street, formerly Smiles Hairdressing, to create a new pub called the "Barbers Arms."

The premises was granted a licence in February, and permission for change of use to a ‘micropub' was granted last month.

Soundproofing has already been installed in the building to alleviate concerns about noise from immediate neighbours, although Mr Austen said he only intended to play some background music on an iPod.

He felt Wye was the perfect location for the micropub, a relatively new concept that originated in Kent after a tiny, one-room pub called the "Butcher's Arms" was set up at Herne in 2005.

Mr Austen said: “Wye's got the infrastructure there as people can get there by train, by car or by cycling.

“Wye's got three pubs at the moment, but my market is a much different market.

‘They all do food, but I'm just doing beers, real ales, local ciders, white wine, red wine and maybe some roasted monkey nuts.

“It's for people to come along and try a real ale that can come from anywhere in the country. I will be supporting local real ales too, but I also want to pick ales from some of the other 1,000 microbreweries across the UK.”

Although his background has principally been in the building trade, Mr Austen has helped to manage beer festivals at pubs including the "Farriers Arms" at Mersham, the "Bowl" at Charing and the "Flying Horses" at Boughton Aluph.

He hopes to be able to open the micropub within three weeks.


Unfortunately closed in February 2019 after the owner decided he had another use for the premises, closed the pub and gave Graham his marching orders.

Guess what, the owner has a new use for the building, he's opened it up, not as a "Micro Pub," but as a "Micro Bar" called the "Sawyer's." Is this a "P" take or named out of respect? Graham Austin the ex-cabinet maker obviously did a lot of sawing in his former trade. (Nope, it was named after the owners parents who worked as saw millers.)



AUSTIN Graham May/2013-Feb/19


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