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At present I have no further information on this one other than the article below. It is stated that this was referred to as a "fun pub" situated somewhere on the seafront.

Further research tell me that the building was erected in 1903 as the "Royal Victoria Pavilion." After operating for some time under the name of "Peggy Sue's" it changed name to the "Fifth Avenue" but on 29 August 2017 it open3ed as Wetherspoon's largest outlet and regained the name of the "Royal Victoria Pavilion" again.

Unfortunately, as yet I don't know any dates other than 1989.


Thanet Times, Tuesday 7 April 1987.


Bar is latest project in bid to lift Thanet.

"Hl-DE-HI" star Su Pollard will be in Ramsgate to open Kent's biggest fun pub next week.

The pub, called "Peggy Sue's," cost half-a-million pounds and has been built inside the old Stardust amusement arcade, next to Club Tiberius in Harbour Parade.

It will have a huge circular bar, separate cocktail bar, a restaurant, a nightclub, an open-air balcony and will hold more than 500 people.

Actor John Altman, who plays the nasty Nick Cotton in the top soap opera "Eastenders", will make a guest appearance at the pub on 24 April and go on later to "Nero's" nightclub.

General manager Mr. Navid Assar said: "It will be the biggest fun pub and club in Kent. There is nothing like it in Thanet and it will give Ramsgate a different image."

The unveiling of the pub next Wednesday comes at a time when 3 million is being spent on developments aimed at putting Thanet back on its feet.

Just across the road from "Peggy Sue's," a 100,000 facelift is being planned for "Rockafella's" nightclub.

Developers Playhouse Leisure intend to give the club a glamorous West End look, and are changing its name to The "Waterfront."

Nearby, 250,000 is being spent on a refurbishment scheme for the Pier Yard. Sheltered walkways, food kiosks and new lighting are among the facilities that will be provided.

This follows the lead given by Ramsgate businessman Mr. Bernard Baldwin, whose enterprise has injected life into the sea-front and revolutionized his pub, the "Oak and Shades."

Around 2 1/2 million is being spent on the other side of the island in Cliftonville and Margate.


Thanet Times, Tuesday 4 July, 1989.

Publican Calls For Standards To Be Maintained.

Spontaneity is the name of the game according to Mr. Martin Allison, of "Peggy Sue's" fun pub on Ramsgate seafront.

But the line between what is acceptable and what is not is a thin one and it takes a good manager to be able to create the right balance.

Mr. Alison said there was no way he would pay men or women to take off their clothes to attract customers.

"It's getting desperate and I don't think it's necessary," he said.

One of "Peggy Sue's" most controversial promotions was the chimps' tea party, when animal rights activists criticized the use of animals for entertainment.

"If everything is well organised and no harm is done to the animals themselves, there is no problem doing it," Mr. Allison said.

"The night was very successful. But then again everyone is entitled to their opinion."

Mr. Allison said disc jockeys were infamous for their risky behaviour, but they were there to entertain and he had heard of no complaints.

We are here to sell the party atmosphere and to make sure everyone enjoyed themselves. Mostly who come to "Peggy Sue's" are very outgoing and know what to expect," he added.

Although Miss Wet T-shirt shows have been a regular feature, it was vital to strike a balance and for that reason "Peggy Sues" had introduced Mr. Wet Boxer Shorts for the women.

Mr. Allison said the new owners of the pub was very concerned that standards were maintained.

"Standards are very important. You have to monitor what is happening all the time because it is easy for things to get out of hand and go over the top.



ALLISON Martin 1989+


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