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24 May 2019


Open 2020+

31 Biggin Street


Lava 2019

Above photo 24 March 2019 by Paul Skelton.

Lava 2019

Above photo 24 March 2019 by Paul Skelton.

Lava sign 2019

Above photo 24 March 2019 by Paul Skelton.


Situated in the former Vision Express building, the new establishment is due to open in April 2019. The "Lava Lounge Bar" to give it it's full name is a  can be described as a Cocktail Bar.


From the By Andy Robinson, 25 January 2019.

Dover is set for a new cocktail bar which wants to open until 2am every night.

The bar will help to rejuvenate the food and drink offering in the town centre if permission is approved.

A new swanky cocktail bar has been proposed for the disused Vision Express shop in Dover's town centre.

The unit in Biggin Street is seeking permission from Dover District Council to change of use from a shop to a drinking establishment.

It has been submitted by London estate agents Gammell & Company alongside applicant Benjamin Dowle from Dover.

Vision Express 2014

The old opticians closed on January 1 this year and has been empty ever since. Above image from Google May 2014.

If permission is granted, the bar has the intention of opening from noon until 2am from Monday to Friday, Saturdays and Sundays, including Bank Holidays.

It will have one full-time employee and five part-time employees.

The bar will be on the ground floor of the three-storey property and the proposed ground floor plans include two VIP booths at the rear of the property behind the bar area on the left-hand side.

Upon entry, the initial drawings show a small seating area with stools on the left and four tables with seating on the right.

Toilets will be up the stairs on the first floor next to the fire exit.

Lava plans

The initial plans for the bar (Image: Dover District Council).

Dover Town Council has expressed its support for the new cocktail bar's planning application in the form of a consultee comment.

A spokesman for the Town Council told the Dover Express: “The council supports widening the use of this Biggin Street commercial property for food and drink, drinking establishment, and entertainment and leisure alongside the existing retail permission to help high streets reinvigorate their appeal.”

Biggin Street is off Pencester Gardens, the area where police and council patrols were stepped up in May to combat anti-social behaviour as part of their special project titled Operation Urban.

The plans are thought to create a divide from people who are cautious about late night drinkers causing anti-social behaviour and bids to try and revive the High Street after the opening of St James.

The planning application is still subject to consultation.


From the By Lauren MacDougall, 8 May 2019.

The Lava Lounge is the tiki cocktail bar just weeks away from opening in Dover.

The bar will play host to a number of special events for its opening weekend.

Plans emerged last year for the former Vision Express in Biggin Street to be transformed into a bar.

And now those plans are about to become a reality as The Lava Lounge is set to open its doors for the first time on Friday, May 24.

Owned by Ben Dowle, 34, the bar has a tiki theme upstairs and a volcano theme downstairs.

It will be open until 2am on selected nights.

Mr Dowle is opening the bar with the help of his partner Shannon Price-Tupper, 26.

She told Kent Live: "Nightlife in Dover is a bit rubbish and this is why we wanted to open somewhere new.

"We went for a cocktail bar because we wanted something a bit more classy that would appeal to all different types of people, something for both the older and younger generations.

"It's taken four months to rip out the old interior and do it all up, we are very excited but also very nervous."

The old opticians closed on January 1, 2018 and has been empty ever since.

Inside the new venue, guests won't find pairs of glasses but themed wall art, tiki masks and a water fountain.

Miss Price-Tupper added: "We are also thinking of opening one night in the week as well as the Friday and Saturday nights.

"We haven't got as far as finalising exactly when we will be open though.

"I think we will play it by ear and see how popular it is once open."



DOWLE Ben May/2019+


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