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4 Nov 2020


Open 2023+

1 Cannon Street


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Alan Hughes 2014

Above Google image, May 2014.

Alan Hughes 2014

Above Google image, May 2014.

1 Cannon Street 2019

Above photo August 2019 by John Baker Creative Commons Licence.

From the Dover Mercury, 28 November, 2020. By Beth Robson.

New venture to open its doors tor first time-then will close hours later due to lockdown.

A new wine and music bar is holding an opening - and closing - party to celebrate its very first day in business before shutting its doors for lockdown.

"Vinoteq" in Cannon Street opens from 6pm tonight (Wednesday) but must close up again four hours later due to restrictions.

Owner Dave Robinson said:- "Could this be some sort of record?"

Dave Robinson & Abi

It’s taken most of the year to prepare the former men’s wear outfitters, with the first lock-down setting plans back by months.

Mr Robinson lamented:- "We’ve spent a hell of a lot of time doing this... glasses are going on shelves and wine is going in the fridge and then bang, we’re going into another lockdown." The music enthusiast will still celebrate tonight and prepare for when restrictions are eased.

Bar’s opening (and closing) party.

A new wine and music bar will have an opening and closing party to celebrate its very first day in business before it has to lockdown for a month.

Dave Robinson will welcome his first customers to "Vinoteq" in Cannon Street, Dover, from 6pm and will then have to say farewell at 10pm.

He thinks his four hours trading could be "some sort of record" but he is looking firmly forwards to a time he can serve quality wine and play live music there.

Mr. Robinson and his partner Abi have been preparing the launch since before the first lockdown.

He said:- "We were hit with the first lockdown which put a delay on everything and once we came out of that we’ve been getting everything ready.

"We’ve spent a hell of a lot of time doing this...glasses are going on shelves and wine is going in the fridge and bang, we’re going into another lock-down."

Vinoteque is at the former Allan Hughes Quality Mens-wear shop at 1 Cannon Street.

Now, after a renovation it comprises a wine bar at street level and the basement will become a music venue which has a small stage.

The whole intimate operation will have space for about 50 people in "non-Covid times".

He added:- "We wanted this to be a quality venue for people to come.

"I’m a musician and play drums and vibraphone around the circuit a bit."

Wednesday’s opening and closing event will include live cocktail piano music downstairs which is still within the rules until lockdown comes into force.

He is considering the possibility of a soft opening, serving coffees from noon and he will update followers on the bar’s Facebook page if this will happen.

The opening comes at a time when investment in the Cannon Street/Biggin Street area is urged.

The area began to look bleak when bug chain shops left their town centre premises for units at Dover’s new St James retail park.

There are ongoing plans to rejuvenate Market Square to create a link from St James to Cannon and Biggin Streets.

Mr. Robinson, originally from Sheffield but a Dover resident for 25 years, said:- "There’s a genuine sense of everybody wanting to work together.

"We all want to support other venues and encourage others to come to town."



Formerly Alan Hughes quality menswear show, planning permission was applied for on 6 December 2019 for change of use to a mixed wine bar with external seating area.

This actually opened on the 4 November 2020 only to have to close the following day due to the Covid 19 second lockdown, but will open again properly (with any luck) on 2 December after this lockdown has been completed.




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