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Earliest 2015

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Oxney Gourmet Pie & Burger Bar

Closed 2018

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Back Street / 1 Swan Street


Above photo 2018.

Oxney Gourmet Pie & Burger Bar 2018

Above photo 2018.

Oxney Gourmet Pie & Burger Bar inside 2018

Above photo 2018.


The "Oxney Gourmet and Burger Bar," changed name and  more or less function in 2015 from the "Swan," which used to cater for the locals. I thought at the time that this was a rather ambitious project that would probably alienate itself from the people who used to frequent the premises.


From the  By Rachael Woods. 14 November 2018.

Wittersham: Oxney Gourmet Pie and Burger Bar closes.

A village pub has been forced to close “due to a lack of local support”.

Three years ago, the "Swan Inn" in Wittersham was rebranded as the Oxney Gourmet Pie and Burger Bar in a bid to rejuvenate it.

Praise from its patrons brought the hostelry a TripAdvisor certificate of excellence in 2017, but boss Paul Withers-Green has now had to call time.

Mr Withers-Green, who also runs the "Ferry Inn" at Stone-in-Oxney, said: “There has been a lack of local support in Wittersham and we needed regular custom throughout the week to keep going.

"The business is too remote to rely on passing trade.”

He added Wittersham Sports Club had been granted an alcohol licence since the pub re-opening, which had led to a further downturn in trade.

Mr Withers-Green, who has had informal discussions with the parish council chairman, Jeremy Smith, over the future of the pub, added: “I’m in negotiations with the village to turn it back into a two bar drinking pub, but if people in Wittersham want to keep the place they will have to use it.”

The experimental rebranding saw the venue re-open as the "Oxney Gourmet Pie and Burger Bar" in 2015 after it had been successively leased out to a variety of tenant landlords.

A fresh lick of paint and revamped interior, together with a comprehensive menu of burgers, pies, Sunday roasts and specials, drew in the punters and praise for the quality of the food.

The pub also doubled up as a community hub, hosting meetings for the village book club and Royal British Legion branch.

Cllr Smith said that he would raise the issue of the pub with the parish council, but speaking on a personal level he said: “I very much regret that the pub is closed and I would like to see it open and serving drinks again.”

The pub has been put on the market and is listed with PubSales at 600,000 for the freehold.


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Susan Verrall wrote:

l did use the pub and support it and still ended up with a closed one. It's easy to blame the social club that has not been open for almost 2 years or no local support or lack of. But if the owners listened to the Wittersham villagers, which said all we want is a proper local pub with darts, pool, good beer and pub grub at sensible prices and a friendly face. Then we would have a pub to socialize in.



Bluetown wrote:

Oxney Gourmet Pie and Burger Bar. Snappy name. I assume the locals would have supported it if it offered something they wanted. If it didn't, then the owner can't blame the locals.


Name removed on request:

Okay. Lets not talk about the management who bullied their staff (I'm not talking about Mr Green, from personal experience) and the undercooked food that gave me stomach upsets every time we ate in there. There was a lack of local support because no one wanted to go in there. No TV for sports games, no dartboard or pool table, hardly a pub. Lets hope that if it is going to become a real pub, they get someone different running it, or it will be the same all over again.


Missellbee wrote:

Oxney bla bla bla. Was never rebranded to be a village pub for the villagers who have always been supportive of the pub when it was open. Which was as and when they could be bothered. If you got served a drink within ten minutes you were lucky. If you take the sole out of a pub; music, darts, pool table, tv, atmosphere-then what is there to bring people in? I've been going to the "Swan" pub for over twenty years and never has it been so dull as the last three. Have not eaten in there since its famous rebrand. Over priced.

As for the sports club having been granted a licence; its always had an alcohol licence and worked closely and harmoniously with previous landlords of the "Swan" in community events, benefiting all.
Bring back our village pub!!!


Keily Potter wrote:

Its a shame... it was only open certain days a week, very strange opening times. It was over priced and not like a village pub should be. Bring back cosy, welcoming normal prices and you'll find we will support it. Lack of support reflects on the pub!


Karen White wrote:

We would use the pub if it were open!

During the regeneration process the pub lost its local pool and darts teams due to table and board not being replaced including the Juke box.

Food and beverages are over priced forcing locals to drink elsewhere, for example paying 1.50 for a portion of peas on the sides menu.

Doesn't help matters when locals were getting barred for trivial reasons.

When I moved to Wittersham (12 years ago) 'The Swan' was a busy bustling pub, the bar was full of life and food was always outstanding.

The pub previously has won many CAMRA awards.

Yes the pub is off the beaten track, passing visitors will stop if you make it worth their while with a good honest pub grub, with a variety of choices.

Use or loose it?

Listen to the Parish of Wittersham then we will use your pub!


libbysasha67 wrote:

Um, pubs are too expensive, unless you are celebrating something.


Moaning mini wrote:

Shame the owners never bothered replying to emails.


AccidentalPartridge wrote:

Looks nice enough inside but that name alone would put me off going, it's terrible!

PeteMK wrote:

First misstep was converting a local pub in a relatively small community into a grandiose scheme completely out of character for the rural setting. You'll probably have better luck turning it back into a 2-bar pub, hopefully with carpets and comfy chairs, because that bar looks as welcoming as a dentist's waiting room.


Concrete Kent wrote:

Nice flats coming to Wittersham.


Think the above just about sums up the reason why the premises closed. Watch this space, I am sure one of the locals will keep me informed as to future developments.

Just been told in June 2022 that it's reverted back to the "Swan" again and is to reopen on the 10th June 2022.



WITHERS-GREEN Paul 2015-18


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