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Earliest 1854-

Rosemary Branch

Latest 1944+

44 Lewisham High Road (Counter Hill 1866)

St. Paul



Now part of Greater London, this area was indeed Kent before 1965. Hence, I will be adding information regarding this pub as and when I find or it is sent to me, but at present I'll be concentrating on the areas that are within the Kent boundary today.

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I have also seen this addressed as in Deptford.


South Eastern Gazette, 19 June, 1860.

DEPTFORD. Melancholy Suicide of a Young Woman.

On Friday, Mr. C. J. Carttar, coroner, held an inquiry at the "Rosemary Branch," Upper Lewisham-road, On the body of Eliza Ann Constable, aged 24, who committed suicide by hanging herself on Wednesday last.

The deceased it appeared came from Yalding, where her friends reside, and entered the service of Mrs. Parkhurst, of 7, Clarence-terrace, in the above neighbourhood. For the past three weeks she had complained of pains in her head, and had been under medical treatment, but without any favourable results. On Wednesday morning last she asked a young woman named Elizabeth Hall, living servant in an adjoining house, whether people who went mad committed suicide, but nothing particular was noticed in consequence. In the middle of the day her mistress, who was going out, called to her, but receiving no reply she proceeded upstairs to ascertain where she was, when the first thing that attracted her notice was seeing the legs of deceased hanging below the upper staircase banister. An alarm was immediately raised, and Mr. Walburton, builder, ran in and found deceased suspended by the neck to the staircase railing. She was instantly cut down, and Mr. Sargent, a medical gentleman, who was attending in the neighbourhood, endeavoured to restore animation, but all to no avail. The jury returned a verdict that the deceased committed suicide while labouring under temporary derangement.


Woolwich Gazette Friday 14 November 1890.


The number of applications and plans for building and alterations of licenses premises this month was larger than usual. Mr. Church, surveyor, submitted plans for alterations proposed by Mr. W. Prince, at the "Navy Arms," Woolwich; Mr. Selton, at the "Duchess of Wellington," Woolwich; Mr. Cutting, at the "Anglesea Arms," Woolwich; Mr. Sadler, at the "Burrage Arms," Plumstead; Mr. Davidson, at the "Percy Arms," Plumstead; and Mr. W. Stevens, at the "Prince Arthur," Arsenal Station. Mr. J. O. Cook, surveyor, presented plans for re-building of the premises of Mr. Jope, the "Rose and Crown," Plumstead, and for alterations proposed by Mr. Fenton, at the "Travellers' Home," Woolwich. Mr. H. Roberts, surveyor, submitted a plan of alteration, proposed by Mr. Coster, at the "Rosemary Branch," Lewisham High Road.

The Bench sanctioned, with slight modification the whole of the plans.



???? Joseph 1854+ West Kent Guardian

NEALON Edward 1862+

BOXELL John and Edward Aug/1866-67+

BOXELL Edward 1881-82+ (widower age 54 in 1881Census)

COSTER Mr 1890+

PACE John to May/1894 Kentish Mercury

DAY Edwin May/1894-96+ Kentish Mercury

JONES David John 1904-14+ (age 51 in 1911Census)

JONES Louisa 1919-21+

WILDE Mary Ann 1944+



West Kent GuardianWest Kent Guardian

Kentish MercuryKentish Mercury


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