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Earliest 1938+

(Name from)

We Three Loggerheads

Closed 1969+

1 Quarry Hill Road


Above photo, date unknown, kindly sent by Nigel Humphrey.

We Three Loggerheads

Above photo, date unknown. Kindly sent by Nigel Humphrey.

We Three Loggerheads

Above photo, date unknown. Kindly sent by Nigel Humphrey.

We Three Loggerheads card

Above aluminium card issued 1950. Sign series 2 number 24.

We Three Loggerheads sign 1960s

Above sign 1960s.


I do have another "We Three Loggerheads" that used to be in the High Street, but was unfortunately demolished, date as yet unknown.

This one was situated on the corner of Waterloo Road and just yards from the "Good Intent."

Nigel Humphrey tells me the following:- The old "Three Loggerheads" (Station Bridge House) was on the corner of Quarry Hill Road and Waterloo road. That pub and the "Good Intent" which was on the bottom corner of Waterloo Road were both knocked down and the monstrosity that was the new Loggerheads (later known as Loggers) was built between the two. That place, although popular with youngsters, did not last long.


Map of area

Above map, showing the location of the "Good Intent," "We Three Loggerheads" and the new pub called the "New Loggerheads" or "Loggers" identified as "Monstrosity."

New Loggerheads

Above photo showing the new pub described as "Monstrosity"  and kindly sent by by Nigel Humphrey.

We Three Loggerheads

Above photo showing the pub on the right, date unknown. Kindly sent by Nigel Humphrey.

We Three Loggerheads

Above photo, date unknown. Kindly sent by Nigel Humphrey.


Kent and Sussex Courier, 14 July 1950.

Man in the armchair. Licencee's wife tells court of encounter.

When Mrs. Winifred May Weeks, wife of the licensee of "We Three Loggerheads," Tunbridge public house, walked into her private dining room on the premises on the evening of June 28th. She expected to see her daughter and son-in-law, instead a stranger was sitting in an armchair reading the paper.

When he saw her he said he had come for a dozen bottles of whisky for a wedding.

On Tuesday at Tunbridge Court the stranger - 30-year-old machine hand Thomas Miles, of 19, Cranwell road, Rusthall - was sent for trial at West Kent Quarter Sessions at Maidstone next Monday on charges of breaking and entering with intent to commit a felony.

Said he had Knocked.

Mrs. Weeks, in evidence, said "I asked him if he had come by appointment. He replied "No" I told him we hadn't got 12 bottles of Whisky.

He was speaking with what I took to be a Scottish accent and gave his name as 'Mac,' and something I couldn't catch. The name was certainly not Miles.

He said he had knocked four times and got no reply so he walked upstairs and waiting for someone to come.

Cross examined by Mr. D. C. Thomson (defending), she said Miles made no attempt to get away and was full of apologies for being upstairs.

Nothing Was Missing.

P.C. Monk said he saw defendant in "We Three Loggerheads" after Mrs. Weeks phoned. He said he wanted to get married on Saturday and wanted to buy a dozen bottles of whisky for the wedding.

P.C. Driver said when he asked Miles whether he had anything to drink a replied "I'll say I have." Then he slurred his speech, mopped his brow, and leant on the table.

Defence admission.

Mr. Thomson said "There is no doubt that the defendant has been extremely foolish," but added there was no evidence that he had broken into the public house nor of intent to commit a felony.

"It is never possible for the prosecution to prove the intent of the person," pointed out Mr. D. Morgan, who prosecuted. He considered the prosecution had made a case on which a jury could conceivably convict.

Appealing for bail, Mr. Thomson said his client was anxious to go home and have a talk with his wife.

Bail was refused.


I am informed that the premises was demolished but a new building was erected along the Waterloo Road and named "Loggers," but that too has closed and became a nursery.



WEEKS George 1950-52 Next pub licensee had

HOPE Mr 1960s


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