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Earliest 1955

Red House

Closed Mar 2010

9 Higham Lane


Red House 1957

Above photo 1957. Creative Commons Licence.

Red House ledger

Charrington's ledger. Creative Commons Licence.

Red House 2011

Above photo 2011.


I believe the pub closed in 2012.


From the 9 September 2011. By Tonbridge Courier.

No-show by campaigners helps seal town pub's fate.

Red House campaigners 2011

THAT WAS THEN: Residents who protested against the closure of The Red House pub in Tonbridge.

A FOURTH pub in north Tonbridge will shut down after locals failed to convince the council it should stay open.

A group of Higham Wood residents campaigned against the demolition of the "Red House" and gained 241 signatures on a petition.

But not one local turned up to a key council meeting where councillors approved plans for 14 houses to be built on the site.

Councillor for the area Andy Alison expressed disappointment when they did not attend Thursday's Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council planning meeting.

"Sentiment comes into this," he said.

"They talk a good talk but they haven't come here. And as we have heard it is not a viable business, we cannot find any good reason to keep this pub open."

Town planner Neil Hewitt, who also belongs to the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), said he "felt like Judas" when he recommended the pub be demolished.

He said: "It is sad when pubs close and I say that as a fully-fledged member of CAMRA. I feel like Judas when I say that, but one has to face reality and that is where we are."

The site has been a public house since 1955 and the "Red House" is now the fourth pub in north Tonbridge to close in a year.

It follows the demise of the "Greyhound," demolished to make way for flats, the "Bishops Oak," quickly turned into a Sainsbury's store, and the "Pinnacles," which remains derelict.

Locals had claimed the "Red House" landlord told them the pub was making money.

But at the meeting Nick Hales, of developer Deacon Properties, argued previous owner Punch Taverns would not have sold the pub if it was a viable business.

He said a "stay at home" culture had killed the pub's trade.

Councillor Christopher Smith said it was "tragic" to see another pub closing. "A number are now lying derelict in this northern part of Tonbridge," he said.

"The heart of a community is supposed to be its pub and unfortunately it seems that this community don't really want their pub – despite the signatures that came down there – they are not going into this pub and supporting it."


Closed in March 2010 and since then been demolished  and housing built on the site.



BASS G June/1956-61+


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