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Earliest 1849-


Closed 2012-

Shipbourne Road



Above photo, circa 2009.

Pinnacles sign 1994Pinnacles sign

Above sign left, 1994, sign right, date unknown.

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I have been informed the pub is closed (2015) date unknown.


Sevenoaks Chronicle and Kentish Advertiser 11 February 1949.

The Bench granted a full licence in respect of the "Pinnacles," Shipbourne-road, Tonbridge, and transferred it to Col. Blackiston.


From the April 06, 2012.

Protest over plan to axe green giant.

Pinnacles tree 2012

'NO JUSTIFICATION': Janice Browne, is upset at her fellow councillors' decision to allow the protected 95ft Wellingtonia tree to be cut down.

The 95ft Wellingtonia tree in the beer garden looms over the disused Pinnacles pub in Tonbridge.

ONE of the tallest trees in Tonbridge, which has been part of the town's landscape for more than a century, is set to be chopped down.

The 95ft Wellingtonia, which stands in the beer garden of disused Shipbourne Road pub the "Pinnacles," will be felled to make way for 20 new homes.

Despite objections from neighbours and Tonbridge Civic Society, Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council's area one planning committee gave developers the go-ahead to demolish the pub and build 14 houses and six flats.

The Wealden Homes development will include the felling of the two trees – a Wellingtonia and an oak – despite them being covered by tree preservation orders.

Councillor Vivian Branson objected to the plans at Thursday's meeting, arguing the "stalwart" Wellingtonia had a historical significance as well as a visual impact in the town.

"Tonbridge is extremely fortunate to have some fine examples of these magnificent trees, which are the world's largest living organisms," she said.

"The Pinnacles' Wellingtonia is on high ground and was apparently used by the pilots in the Second World War to navigate back to bases at Biggin Hill, and what is now Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council's headquarters at West Malling.

"So this tree is of gigantic historical importance and should serve as a memorial to those brave young men."

The town's civic society also objected to the loss of the giant redwood.

Councillor Janice Browne said there was "no admissible justification" for the felling of the local landmark.

She added: "A tree of this value should not be removed to facilitate site redevelopment."

An arboricultural assessment by consultants Broad Oak found the tree did have bark damage, but said it was more likely caused by an animal rather than an infection.

Enthusiast Ron Levy, who runs the Redwood World website which lists sightings of the trees around the country, said the Pinnacles' Wellingtonia was "worth preserving".

"It is a relatively rare type of tree that has become a landmark tree and is now part of the local amenity," he said.

"Despite its considerable age, it is a youthful and vigorous example of its type, so it begs the question as to how it is possible that a tree preservation order can be disregarded just because it better suits the plans of the developer to cut it down?

"This would appear to make tree preservation orders utterly pointless, since it seems to me that the all the developer had to do was simply point at some missing bark and claim the tree is diseased and their application to fell was granted."

Eleven councillors voted in favour of the proposals, allowing Wealden Homes to remove the trees.

It was agreed the scheme would provide affordable housing to meet high demand in the town.


I am informed that the premises has been demolished, date unknown and houses and flats built on the site.


Local knowledge, further pictures, and licensee information would be appreciated.

I will be adding the historical information when I find or are sent it, but this project is a very big one, and I do not know when or where the information will come from.

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