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Earliest 1961

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Iron Duke

Latest 1979+

Bellevue Road


Iron Duke 1980s

Above photo 1980s, kindly sent by Michael Mirams.

Iron Duke Inn

Above photo, date unknown.


Originally called the "Bellevue Arms," the name changed to the "Iron Duke" for a short time before closing.

The Lantern outside the "Iron Duke" had been earmarked by the Council for removal to the "Albion Hotel," Broadstairs. At the time local protests were being ignored.

Paul Narramore says- There were some steps at the side of the pub leading down into the cellar, and a very large and ornate lamp suspended above the steps. I used to be sent to the pub every now and again to the tiny 'off sales' window in Plains of Waterloo, to buy a quart of Mackeson Stout and a bottle of Bing lemonade for my parents. No questions about being under age then.


East Kent Times and Mail, Wednesday 18 April 1979.

Smashed glass door when told to leave pub.

After being thrown out of a pub, a 40 year old unemployed bricklayer hammered on a 318 plate of glass, smashing it.

Last Wednesday at Ramsgate Magistrates' Court, Jeffrey Courtman of Albion Road, Ramsgate pleaded guilty to damaging the glass on January 13th.

Police Inspector Maurice Bete said Courtman had gone to the "Iron Duke" pub, Bellevue Road, Ramsgate with a Mr. Peter Ward.

About 5 minutes later Mr. Tony Hall and another man entered the bar and an argument started between Courtman and Mr. Hall.

Police Inspector Bate said Courtman picked up a chair intending to hit Mr. Hall, but it was taken off him. Courtman asked the licensee, Mr. John Giles, for another drink, but it was refused. When Courtman refused to leave, Mr. Giles took him by the arm and led him outside the pub.

Mr. Hall then closed the door, Courtman started hammering the glass with his hands and smashed it.

Police Inspector Bate said when police inspected Courtland's hands they found a deep wound in the left palm.

At first when he was interview Courtman claimed he couldn't remember breaking the glass. He admitted having a drink but said he had not been drunk.

Later, Courtman said he remember breaking it, though he said it was an accident.

In court the defendant said:- "I have never done anything like this before. It was just the thing out of the blue and it is a complete mystery to me. I am sorry."

The magistrates fined him 25 and ordered him to pay the 318.93 compensation.




GILES John 1979+


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