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Earliest ????

Bellevue Arms

Latest 1961

(Name to)

2 Bellevue Road


Former Bellevue Arms

Above image from Google, showing the premises in May 2014.


I am informed that this used to be situated at the bottom of Bellevue Road, opposite Vyes and changed name to the "Iron Duke" for a short time before closing.

Dates of above as yet unknown.


From the Kentish Chronicle, 19 May, 1860.


On Friday morning Henry Dunston, in the employ of Mr. Thompson, of the "Belle Vue Inn," as pot boy, was going through his daily avocations when between eight and nine o'clock, he was seen retching and vomiting blood in the area. Medical assistance was speedily procured, but he died shortly afterwards. We understand the deceased had complained of a pain in his loins, occasioned by a fall a short time back, but he had done his work as usual, and seemed in very good health up to Friday morning. The deceased formerly lived at Margate, and was about 35 years of age.


From the Kentish Chronicle, 11 June, 1864.


The Challenge Cup of the above corps was shot for on the company's range at Cliffs End last week. Private Hiscocks won it with 36 marks. The shooting was not by any means good, especially at the long range, in consequence of the wind being very strong and obliquely down the range. The second and third prizes were taken by Corporal Sackett and Sergeant Rose, with 30 and 33 marks. At the conclusion of the shooting the company adjourned to Corporal Carter’s “Belle-Vue Tavern,” where a capital tea was provided by that excellent caterer, which all did full justice to. The health of the Captain, the successful competitors, and the unsuccessful ones, was drunk with rounds of applause and thus was spent a very merry day even for these who had lost.


From the Kent and Sussex Courier, 17 October, 1873.

Melancholy Suicide.

On Sunday morning, the 5tb inst., the body of Mr. Alfred Povab, late a deacon in holy orders, was found near the Dane, with blood issuing from the left eye. The unfortunate gentleman had shot himself with a pistol. Mr. Treves, surgeon, was at once on the spot, but human aid was of no avail. The deceased was 25 years of age, and had for some time been in a bad state of health, the result of a too close application to books. An inquest was held at the "Belle Vue Inn," on the following day before Mr. Payne, coroner, when the jury returned a verdict of "Temporary Insanity."


Thanet Advertiser, Friday 19 October 1928.

The "Belle Vue Tavern," Bellevue Road, was transferred from Mrs. E. A. Oliffe to Mr. William Currell, Mrs. Olliffe had been carrying on the house since the death of her husband. Mr. W. H. Olliffe, and she had secured the esteem of Many Friends. The new licensee, Mr. Currell, recently resigned the post of head groundsman under the Ramsgate Corporation to take over the "Belle Vue." Formerly he was gardener to Mrs. Sebag-Montefoire, at East Cliff Lodge, and he has been actively associated with local movements in connection with horticulture and floriculture. He will be a very popular landlord.



Paul Narramore says:- There were some steps at the side of the pub leading down into the cellar, and a very large and ornate lamp suspended above the steps. I used to be sent to the pub every now and again to the tiny 'off sales' window in Plains of Waterloo, to buy a quart of Mackeson Stout and a bottle of Bing lemonade for my parents. No questions about being under age then.

Phil, moderator from continues:- Yes Paul, I remember it well, especially the lamp that hung outside. Being from the other side of town I never managed a visit there, but often passed it on the "scenic" route to Broadstairs. Thanks also for clearing up another ambiguity. There was a tram crash in 1905 at the junction of Belle Vue Road and Plains of Waterloo, opposite the "Belle Vue Arms." I knew it crashed into a grocers, but was sceptical when told it was Vyes as there were no clues in the picture other than an advert for Vyes Teas.

Tram crash 1905

Above photo showing the tram crash.

Map 1872

Above showing a map of the area in 1872.



THOMPSON Francis 1858+

MAY Robert 1861-71+ (age 56 in 1871Census)

MAY Charlotte Mrs 1874-81+ (widow age 50 in 1881Census)

HAYES/HAWES Jackson Wray 1882-91+

SCOTNEY William 1901-03+

OLLIFFE William Henry 1907-Oct/28 Thanet Advertiser

CURRELL William Oct/1928-30+ Thanet Advertiser

SMITH Sidney Goodwin 1934-36+

ROSS Herbert 1938+

SLY H Baker 1939+

BEW Sidney R 1951-53+

MEREDITH Robert 1955+

GILES John 1957+


Thanet AdvertiserThanet Advertiser



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