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Earliest 1877-

Brewery Tap

Latest 1880+

High Street



This was obviously the tap to one of the breweries in Hadlow, and as mentioned in the Kent and Sussex Courier of 1880 was a beer-house. I believe the brewery was housed inside the "Fountain."


Kent & Sussex Courier, Friday 7 December 1877.

Robberies from the person.

Nimrod Roberts, "coper," was charged with stealing 5s. From the person of George Hills, a blacksmith, at Hadlow, on the 2nd inst.

Prosecutor said that on the 2nd inst., he went to the "Brewery Tap," at Hadlow, and went to sleep on a sofa. When he awoke he found his purse had been emptied by someone, and two half-crowns, which he had previously shewn, were gone. When he discovered this, he said he had been robbed, when the prisoner made of rush for the door. He, however, stopped the prisoner, who afterwards went out and returned in a minute or two.

George Hodge, labourer, said the prisoner, who was a fellow-lodger with him and the prosecutor at the "Brewery Tap," was without any money or food, and offered to sell his knife for sixpence to get some dinner. That was before the prosecutor had lost his money.

Elizabeth Bridger, landlady of the "Brewery Tap" beer house, said that the prosecutor and the prisoner lodged at the house, and shortly before 5 o'clock on Sunday afternoon, she saw that the prosecutor had two half-crowns, because he showed them to her, and he afterwards went to sleep in the bar parlour, and before he woke up, the prisoner changed a half crowns with her.

P.C. Pullee said that about 6:30 on Sunday evening, he was sent for to the "Brewery Tap," at Hadlow, when the prosecutor charged the prisoner with stealing to half-crowns from him. He searched him, and found one shilling in silver and 1s. 4d. in coppers on him. He said that he had been to work at Oxen Hoath, at Lady Geary's, and he received a shilling on Friday and a half crown on Saturday.

The prisoner pleaded not guilty, and asked to have the case settled now.

The Bench adjourned to consider the case, and on their return into court, the Chairman said that they were dissatisfied with the way in which the evidence had been given. They had, however, no doubt but that the prisoner stole the money, and sentence him to 14 days' imprisonment.




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