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Earliest 1828-


Open 2020+

Ware Street


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Bell Inn 2012

Above photo 2012 by Robert Edwards Creative Commons Licence.

Bell Inn sign 2015

Above sign left, August 1986, sign right, 2015.

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Bell sign 2017

Above sign 2017.


This pub has also been addressed as in Bearsted.


Kentish Chronicle, 17 November, 1829.


Nov 5, aged 74, Ann, relict of the late Mr. Richard Ledger, of the "Bell Inn," Thurnham.


From the South Eastern Gazette, Tuesday 5 June 1832.

Afflicting occurrence.

On Sunday afternoon a young lad, named Jesse Nelson, the son of the landlord of the "Bell Inn," Thurnham, met his death under the following melancholy circumstances.

He dined with the family, on that day, at 1 o'clock, and soon afterwards retired to the bedroom to dress himself. His uncle having called in about 3 o'clock, the servant was sent for the deceased; and, on her return, she told her mistress that he was "asleep on the door." The mother repaired to the room, where she was horror struck at perceiving her son suspended by the neck by a handkerchief attached to the wooden bolt of the door. The bolt was about 3 feet and a half from the floor; and his death had evidently been caused by the sudden slamming of the door after the handkerchief had been affixed to the bolt. Medical assistance was probably rendered; but all attempts at reanimation were unavailing. As the lad was of a cheerful and amiable disposition, and was treated with great indulgence by his afflicted parents, there can be no doubt that his death was purely accidental. A man in the immediate neighbourhood who committed suicide a few days previously; and the affair was talked over in the taproom of the inn. The deceased was present on the occasion; and it is probable that a wish to ascertain the sensation produced by hanging, induced him to try the foolish and fatal experiment. The deceased was in his 13th year. An inquest will be held on the body, this day, before R. Hinds, Esq., one of the Coroner's for West Kent.


Maidstone Telegraph, Saturday 10 September 1870.

Annual licensing day.

This was the annual licensing day and all the publican's, beer housekeepers, &c., attended to obtain a renewal of the certificate by which they might obtain fresh licences.

The following applications were adjourned till the next sitting in consequence of not having their notices properly signed.

Mr. Goodhue, "Squirrel," at Stockbury; Mr. Hughes, "Old England," Hollingbourne, and Mrs. Nelson the "Bell," Thurnham.


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NELSON/WILSON George 1840-58+ (age 62 in 1851Census)

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MORGAN George 1882+

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