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Beer Retailers



Pigot's 1828

FOORD Richard Wine & spirit merchants

GOBEL John Brewers (retail)

HORTON William Brewers

PARNELL William Brewers

STODDART Edward Wine & spirit merchants


Pigot's 1832

FOORD Richard Wine Merchants (& Porter)

HILLS Richard Brewers

PARNELL William Brewers

SEABROOK Thomas (agent for Brenchley Staceys & Wise Merchants) Brewers

STODDARD Edward Ashford Wine Merchants



BRIDGE William, Castle Street, age 30, Wood Carter and Beer Shop Keeper, (possibly "Castle")

DUNN George, Station Road, age 28, Inn Keeper. ("Kent Arms?")

GILSON Martha, High Street, age 66, Inn Keeper.

ROGERS James, North side of High Street, age 70, Inn Keeper.

SPICER Edward, Kingsnorth Road, age 36, Beer Retailer. Next pub licensee had

STODDARD Edward, North side of High Street, age 72, Wine Merchant.

TELL Joseph, New Street, age 57, Beer Seller.

WILLIAMS John, New Street, age 34, Wine Merchant.


Kentish Gazette, 17 January 1854.

Ashford. County Court. Friday.

(Before Charles Harwood, Esq., Judge).

There were about the usual number of plaints entered for hearing at the court, but most of them were of an unimportant nature. The cases disposed of deeming of a particular notice were the following:-

Renton v. Fowler.

This was an action brought by the plaintiff, a beer-shop keeper, against the defendant, a builder, to recover the sum of 11, being the balance of 20 placed in the hands of the defendant as a deposit for the purchase of a home, which the defendant was then engaged in building. From the evidence adduced at the last court, when the case was adjourned, it appeared that the plaintiff's father was indebted to the defendant in the sum of 11, and the latter subsequently retained that sum for payment of that debt. The plaintiff objected to such a course being adopted; but in consequence of his being prevented attending to give evidence through illness, the case was adjourned for his attendance.

To-day, however, he was still labouring under severe indisposition, and evidence having been given as to the competency of the plaintiff to advise his solicitor to commence this action, hit Honour gave a verdict for the plaintiff for the full amount claimed. Mr. Towne appeared for the plaintiff, and Mr. Mercer, for the defendant.


From the Kentish Express, 29 March, 1856.

Ashford County Court. Monday, March 24.

Before Charles Harwood, Esq., judge.

William Marshall, of Ashford, beer retailer, came up for his first examination, supported by Mr. Towne, and was opposed by Messrs. Green and Loud, creditors for beer supplied, and Mr. Barns, creditor for the value of some furniture. His Honour remarked upon the trifling nature of the insolvency, and adjourned the case, without naming a day for the final order, but granted protection in the interim.


South Eastern Gazette, 14 August, 1860.

ASHFORD. Spurious Liquor.

In the Vice-Chancellor’s Court, on Monday, Mr. Daniell and Mr. Rodwell moved for a special injunction on affidavit of service to restrain John Williams, a wine and spirit merchant at Ashford, in Kent, from selling a spurious article purporting to be Bass and Co’s ale, or using or printing labels in imitation of those used by the plaintiffs’ firm, the well-known brewers at Burton-upon-Trent. It appeared that the defendant was one of those to whom Messrs. Bass supplied labels marked with his name as the bottler of ale supplied by them in casks. In 1858, to prevent any mistake as to those licensed to sell their ales, the plaintiffs had arranged a method by which they could tell at any time whom they had supplied with labels, and at what time and amount, by means of a private mark. Having suspected the use of a spurious label to a spurious material, in March last they commenced getting evidence, and from that time had gone to stations on the South-Eastern line, and purchased ale at Tunbridge and other stations, so as to fix the fraud upon the defendant, and on one occasion the spurious label was on the bottle so purchased, and on others old labels had been washed and used again. Dr. Hoffman, a physician, had analyzed the two compounds, and discovered, from the difference of the water at Burton-upon-Trent and at Ashford, that the difference as to the contents of sulphuric acid was as 710 to 227, the mean ratios. Under these circumstances, the defendants not appearing, the injunction was asked for. His Honour made the order.



CENSUS 1861. Census

HALL John, New Street Beer Shop, age 48, Publican.


From the Maidstone and Kentish Journal, 6 Sept, 1869.

Joseph Jess applied for a licence, but brought no recommendation. Superintendent Dewar said applicant had been convicted for stealing four sheaves of beans. The application was refused.


CENSUS 1871. Census

CHURCHILL Martha, 13 Bank Street, age 56, Wine and Spirit Merchant.

HINDS William, Potter's Corner, near Canterbury Road, age 36, Publican.


CENSUS 1881. Census

WATTS Thomas William, Engineer Place, age 28, Publican.

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