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Earliest 1853-

Kent Arms Inn

Latest ????

(Name to)

117 Station Road (67 Marsh Street 1891Census)


Kent ARMS Inn

Above postcard, date unknown, kindly sent by Andy Turner.

Kent Arms Inn and Leney's Offices 1910

Above postcard, circa 1910, showing also Leney's Brewery offices (centre) and the Ashford County Girls' School (left).

Kent Arms

Above photo, date unknown, kindly sent by Andy Turner.

kent Arms 1950

Above photo, circa 1950.

Kent Arms 1961

Above photo, 1961, from Steve Salter.

Kent Arms 1988

Above photo, April 1988, kindly sent by Philip Dymott.

Kent Arms 2009

Above Google image 2009, showing the school area now to be a car-park.

Kent Arms Inn

Above photo kindly sent by Chris Excell, date unknown.

Kent Arms Hotel

Later photo by Chris Excell. Date unknown.

Kent Arms sign 1991

Above sign July 1991 with thanks from Brian Curtis

Kent Arms May 2011

Above photo showing the pub in May 2011. Shortly before it closed.


After closing around May 2011, the pub was sold and originally opened as the "Fat Fiddler" however, shortly afterwards (2014) it changed and operated as the "Platform 5," a name the locals called the "Kent Arms" for some reason.


Kentish Gazette, 11 January 1853.


These Sessions were opened on Friday last, at the Sessions House, St. Augustine's, before James Beckford Wildman, Esq., (chairman), and the following magistrates: W. Deedes, Esq., M.P„ E. R. Rice, Esq., M.P., E. Foss, Esq., M. Bell, Esq., G. M. Taswell, Esq., W. A. Munn, Esq., E. Jarman, Esq., W. Delmar, Esq., T. H. Muckay. Esq., W. O. Hammond, Esq., W. Slarke, Esq., W. Burra, Esq., K. Hugesson, Esq.

James Hills, 37, labourer, for having, on the 13th Oct., stolen a 10 Bank of England note, the property of Wm, Holyer, at Ashford. Prosecutor stated that on the day in question he went to the "Kent Arms," Ashford, with a friend. He had 18, in six sovereigns, four half sovereigns, and a ten pound note in his watch pocket. While there he had a quantity of liquor, but was only "fresh " — and in the evening he fell asleep. Robert Head, messenger on the South-Eastern Railway line at Ashford, deposed to having seen prosecutor in company of prisoner. A constable of Ashford deposed to going with Superintendent Gifford to the railway station, for the purpose of interrogating prisoner, whom they had suspected of the robbery. To their questions he said that he found a 10 note a month before, but detained it in the hope of its being "cried," and then receiving a reward; but hearing nothing of its being lost he finally determined to change it, and did so at a baker's in Ashford. Mr. Morley, baker of Ashford, stated that prisoner called upon him and produced a 10 note, and asked him to change it for him. He inquired whom it was from, and prisoner answered "Miss Dixon," whom witness knew to be a lady of Ashford, and complied without further delay or suspicion.

Six months' hard labour.


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, 18 June 1870.


There are two foot crossings over the South Eastern Railway at Ashford which are much used by the public, and as some of the fast trains, come along without much noise when the steam is shut off on approaching the station, persons sometimes do not see them until the trains are close upon them. There have been four persons killed at this spot within a few years. On Saturday morning, an elderly man named, Stephen Norton, a retired tradesman living at Great Chart, was coming to Ashford, and, when crossing the line at Cobb's crossing, a down train came along. He ran to pass it, but the engine knocked him down, and his head was severed from his body. An inquest was held on the body the same evening at the "Kent Arms," before T. T. Delasaux. Esq., coroner, when a verdict of "Accidental death" was returned, but the jury recommended that the South Eastern Railway Company should be solicited to put bridges over these crossings, in consequence of their being very dangerous, and several fatal accidents having occurred.


Kentish Gazette, 21 March 1876.


On Sunday morning last, the body of a girl, named Mary Ann Tolhurst, 16 years of age, late servant at the "King's Arms Inn," (sic) was found in the river near the tanyard. The girl had been missing since the 9th instant, and it is believed that she committed suicide on the evening of that day. Mr. Coroner Delasaux was to hold an inquest last evening.

(I believe this relates to this pub as Tannery Lane and the Great Stour are close to Station Road. Paul Skelton.)


Canterbury Journal, Kentish Times and Farmers' Gazette, Saturday 14 September 1907.

Ashford Hotel Proprietors Death.

After being bedridden for upwards of 2 years, suffering from paralysis, Mr. Gulbrand Bergersen,

proprietor of the "Kent Arms Hotel, Ashford, passed away shortly after 3 o'clock on Monday morning.

The deceased took over the "Kent Arms" in 1892, prior to which date he was an estate agent in Surrey, where he held one or two public officers. He first came to England from Norway, and had had an eventful career as private courier. When he came from Norway, he was one of the first to introduce reindeer into this country, and one of the earliest to drive them in a sleigh.




GOULDEN Charles 1858+

GOULDEN Esther Mrs 1861-62+ (age 50 in 1861Census)

MILES John T 1871+ (widower age 28 in 1871Census)

FOSTER Albert Henry 1874-91+ (widower age 51 in 1891Census)

BERGERSON Galtrand 1901-Sept/07 dec'd (age 55 in 1901Census)

SKINNER Douglas A 1938+

???? Jackie & Peter 1981+




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