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Earliest 1824-

True Briton

Closed 2011

21 Victory Street

Mile Town


True Briton 1969

Above postcard circa 1969, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

True Briton 1969

Above postcard circa 1969, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

True Briton bar 1969

Above postcard circa 1969, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

True Briton bar 1969

Above postcard circa 1969, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

True Briton 2005

Above photo kindly taken and sent by Trevor Edwards, 14 March 2005.

True Briton 2009

Photo by Chris Whippet 2009 from

True Briton 2012

Above photo 2012 kindly sent by Colin Haggart.

Former True briton 2012

Photo by David Anstiss 2012 from

True Broton card 1970

Above card 1970.

True Briton sign 1991True Briton sign 1993

Above sign left, April 1991, sign left, October 1993.

With thanks from Brian Curtis

Royal Hotel sign 2012

Above sign 2012.


Local knowledge, further pictures, and licensee information would be appreciated.

I will be adding the historical information when I find or are sent it, but this project is a very big one, and I do not know when or where the information will come from.

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I have been informed by Michael Cox that Les Jarrett was the brother in-law to Joe Park of the "Ship on Shore."


From the Kentish Gazette, 13 June 1837.


Mrs. Brisley, wife of Mr. Robert Brisley, landlord of the "True Briton," public house, Sheerness.


From an email received 22 December 2014.

The "True Brit" was a second home to me and my pals during the early sixties.

It was owned by Les and Alice Jarrett and later managed by one of the barmaids, Hilda and her husband. Les Jarrett also owned the the "Seahorse" in Leysdown and started the "Playa," a members only club on the Leas in Minster. This eventually became the "Playa" pub. He was related to the Holland showman family who ran the fairground in Sheerness and his wife Alice was sister to Joe Park of the "Ship on Shore" and Ted Park (wife Lil) of the "Seaview Hotel," both in Sheerness. He was a big man, a great character with a lot of East end connections, and was very good to and with us youngsters.

Barmaid Hilda eventually moved to the "Playa" and a man called Ron Millway ran the "True Brit" for the Jarretts.

The "True Brit" was a great pub and it has been sad to see its decline over the years since the Jarretts passed on.

A P & C D Bailey



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ROBBINS Ron & Hilda 1970+

???? Hilda date ????

MILLWAY Ron ????


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