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Earliest 1832-

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Star and Garter

Closed Aug 2021

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60 Old Woolwich Road


020 8305 1144

Star and Garter

Photos taken from by Matt Martin, in March 2007.

Star and Garter 2021

Above photo, 2021.

Star and Garter 2021

Above photo 2021.


It is suggested that the pub was either called the "White Bear" as early as the 1690s or was built on the same site.

I am informed that due to an incident that happened in August 2021 the pub closed and is unlikely to open again.


From the By Jamie Bennett-Ness, 19th August 2021.

Met Police: Greenwich pub could lose licence after stabbing.

A pub in Greenwich faces losing its licence after the Met Police applied to close the establishment after a 'very serious' stabbing took place inside its premises earlier this month.

Metropolitan Police have levelled a number of claims and applied to have the Star and Garter's license suspended due to its association with serious crime and disorder after a man was stabbed at the premise on August 1.

Police reported that the suspected attacker had been permitted to use the toilet before leaving the pub, located on Old Woolwich Road, and a lack of control and the absence of proper management meant it should close.

No working CCTV was in operation at the pub at the time, and the victim currently remains in hospital.

Met Police also complained that no one called them after the stabbing incident, officers were only informed by colleagues at the London Ambulance Service, and only one witness inside the premises actually spoke to them.

Greenwich Council received a 'Summary Review application' from the Metropolitan Police at 8:15am on August 4 over claims the south east London public house was associated with serious crime, serious disorder or both.

However, the licence holders have denied polices claims, disputing claims that the pub was linked to the violence of that they had not allowed the attacker to use the bathroom as they appealed against the licence suspension.

Rita Hall said she heard about the incident when one of her staff phoned her on August 1, and the staff on duty said they did not see what happened as "there was no fight and no disturbance to attract their attention."

"The first they were aware of the incident was when the victim went to the toilets because he was bleeding," and she added that they did not know who the attacker was so had therefore not refused to name that person to police.

In her response, the partner of the licence review said this was the first incident in 21 years, and that closing the pub to conduct a review "may possible lead to the permanent closure, with the resultant loss of an important local amenity."

She described The Star and Garter as a small community pub and said this was the first time there had been any trouble, "therefore this is likely a one-off incident and does not signify a lack of proper management, a lack of control or allowing public nuisance."

Greenwich Council received a 'Summary Review application' from the Metropolitan Police at 8:15am on August 4 over claims the premise were associated with serious crime, serious disorder or both.

The application was handed to the owners on August 5 and a notice of the review was displayed at the premises and at Woolwich Town Hall, plus 250 letters to businesses and residencies were sent over within a 100-metre radius of the pub.

The Review Committee then agreed that the suspension of the premise's licence was appropriate, but on August 12 Rita Hall stated that she wished to make a representation against these steps to suspend the license.

Greenwich Council's Review Committee had said a "very serious stabbing had taken place inside" which was not reported to police by the licence holder, and that the licence holder had refused to identify the perpetrator to police, despite barring him from the pub.

"The LSC view the failure to call the police and absence of co-operation by the premises licence holder, who is also the designated premises supervisor, and staff at the premises, with extreme concern.

"The perpetrator is a known regular customer of the premises," the council added, and despite the bar being busy, only one customer provided officers with any information, with all other customers "all inexplicably not seeing anything."

The verdict said: "The LSC noted with concern the general absence of proper management, and lack of control, of the premises with customers allowed to cause public nuisance within a residential area."

The LSC suspend the premises licence until the full review hearing, and consider it appropriate to promote the licensing objectives and to prevent further serious violence”

The appeal against the licence suspension has been heard but no verdict has yet been published.



Latest news I have heard December 2022 from Steve Mortimore, says the pub is to reopen again, but under the name of the "Star of Greenwich."



CORBETT Cath 1826+

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WATERHOUSE Richard 1852-July/72 dec'd

WATERHOUSE Rosanna Jane July/1872

WATERHOUSE Richard 1874+

RISHTON Edward 1882+

LYONS Robert A 1891

JONES Joseph N 1891-1911+ (age 30 in 1891Census)

HEARN Thomas 1919-44+

HALL Rita to 2021


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