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Upnor Road

Lower Upnor

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Above postcard date unknown, with kind permission from Eric Hartland.

Ship 1934

Above photo circa 1934, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Ship 2015

Above photo, February 2015, kindly sent by Roy Moore.

Ship 2023

Above photo 2023, by Sam Dack.

Ship sign 2015

Above sign, February 2015, by Roy Moore.


Chatham News, Saturday 5 September 1863.


Mr. Hayward applied for a license for the "Ship," at Upnor. Mr. R. Prall, jun., opposed.



Chatham News, Saturday 27 August 1870.


Mr. Hayward supported the application of Mr. Jarratt, for a licence to the "Ship," at Lower Upnor. He stated that some years ago there were two licensed houses at Lower Upnor, but on one of them, the "Boatswain and Call," being pulled down for the erection of magazines, the licence had been transferred across the water to a house on the top of Chatham Hill. If, he said, two licences were required at the time, they were more so now, as upwards of 5,000 passengers landed at the pier in a month, and the "Jolly Sailor," the only licensed house there, had not sufficient accommodation for the vast number of persons who visited the neighbourhood.

Mr. J. Basset opposed on the part of the landlord of "Jolly Sailor," and contended that the "Ship" was not at all calculated for a spirit licence, as there was not sufficient accommodation.



Maidstone Journal and Kentish Advertiser 30 December 1890.


On Boxing Day Mr. George Jarrett, landlord of the "Ship Inn," Upnor, whilst out walking slipped and fractured his leg.


From the Probate 1912.

JARRETT Augustus William, of "Ship Inn," Lower Upnor, near Rochester, died 31 March 1912 at Isleworth, Middlesex, Administration, London, 5 December to William Joseph Shaw, retired major H.M. Army and Edward Isaac Dennison Civil servant. Effects 185 6s. 2d.

JARRETT Horace Robert, of "Ship Inn," Lower Upnor near Rochester, died 8 December 1912, Administration London, 5 December to William Joseph Shaw, retired major H.M. Army and Edward Isaac Dennison Civil servant. Effects 185 6s. 2d.


From the Anchor, (house magazine for Barclay, Perkins Anchor Brewery Volume XIV, No.7, July 1934.

Ship, Upnor.

The Ship, rebuilt on the same site, is a waterside house on the Medway at Upnor.

The training ship Arethusa is moored off the Ship. This new Arethusa was formerly the Peking and it is interesting to know that timber from the old HMS Arethusa is being used in the construction of another Style & Winch, Limited hotel on Watling Street, at Gillingham.

By Rory Kehoe:- In 1974, the Shaftesbury Homes Charity sold the Arethusa to a maritime museum in New York. In 2017, facing the breakers' yard, Arethusa was donated to a museum in Hamburg (where she was built) extensively refurbished and re-floated in 2020 under its original name, Peking.


Chatham News, Friday 10 February 1939.


The Magistrates refused an application by Mr. M. V. Mackey on behalf of the licensee of "The Ship," Upnor, for an "on" beer, wine and spirits licence. The house has at present an "on" beer and wine licence, the licensee being Mr. Charles Enoch Allman.

Mr. Mackey said there was only one other licensed house within the quarter mile area, namely the "Pier Inn." The licensee at "The Ship," he said, had greatly increased the trade since he had been there. There were now attached to the house the Rochester Cruising Club, the Essex Yacht Club, and the Floboat Canoe Club.

"This is a summer area, particularly with regard to yachtsmen," said Mr. Mackey, "and the licensee has been increasingly asked to supply spirits at that time."

Mr Mackey submitted a petition containing 145 signatures, asking for the extended licence.

For the licensee of the "Pier Inn," James Wadhams, Mr. H. N. Grimwade (solicitor), submitted that the "Pier" was only sixty yards away and had a full licence. In Lower Upnor, moreover, there were only 33 dwelling-houses, and the total inhabitants did not exceed 100. To create another full licence in that area, he suggested, would be to create a redundancy.

Giving evidence, Mr. Wadhams said that the people who came to Upnor during the summer season did not require spirits, and the Upnor trade was solely a summer trade.


From the By Sean McPolin, 3 May 2023.

Life-size cardboard cut-out of King Charles III stolen from The Ship Tavern in Lower Upnor.

A life-size cardboard King Charles has been stolen from a pub by drunk punters.

Landlords at the The Ship Tavern in Lower Upnor, near Rochester, thought they’d have to pay a king’s ransom after their 35 cut out was nicked from the boozer in Upnor Road and is heading across Europe on a boat.

King Charles cut out

A cardboard cut out of King Charles III is on its way to Rotterdam by boat. Picture: Sam Dack.

Sam and Ellis Dack, who have been at the pub for around a year, were contacted by the mystery royal thieves today who confessed to stealing the slim-line monarch on Sunday after a heavy night out.

Ellis, 33, has been in touch with the kidnappers, who now have Charles on a boat heading to Rotterdam.

He has even been pictured in a hard-hat and hi-vis, as well as a Liverpool shirt.

Sam, who has taken the theft in good jest, said: “We were closing up for the night on Sunday and my husband noticed the cardboard cut out was stolen.

“We put an appeal out on Monday and then my husband got a call today saying ‘we’re really sorry, we’ve woken up with your King’ and that he was on a boat to Rotterdam.

Ellis and Sam Dack 2023

Landlords Ellis Dack, 33, left, and Sam Dack, 37, right, have seen the funny side of things.

“They’ve been sending text messages and photos updating us on his journey, saying King Charles is right useful and getting his hands dirty.

“We have no idea who it was that took him, but they must work on the boats and have said they’ll bring him back. They’ve even paid for a new one.”

Mum-of-one Sam said the whole thing has been quite funny and they’re looking forward to Charles’s return.

It is not the first time a replica of the monarch has hit the headlines in Kent.

Last year, before the Queen’s platinum jubilee, Hartley villagers were left devastated after a life-size mannequin of the Queen Elizabeth II was destroyed.



JARRETT George Elijah 1861-1918+ (also Fisherman age 87 in 1911Census)

JARRETT Edward Charles 1922+

JOINER George 1938+

DACK Ellis & Sam 2023+




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