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Earliest 1743-

Red Lion

Closed 2007

High Street


Red Lion

Above postcard, date unknown, just showing the sign of the "Victory" (left) also showing the "Red Lion" on the right. Kindly sent by Michael Mirams.

High Street 2009

Similar view from Google, January 2009. Although the church tower looks deceivingly further away. Think it's the angle.

Red Lion

Above photo, date unknown by kind permission of Eric Hartland.

Red Lion

Above photo, date unknown.

Red Lion 2012

Above photo February 2012, by kind permission of Eric Hartland.

Above photo 2009 by Oast House Archives Creative Commons Licence.

Red Lion sign 1992Red Lion sign 1992

Above signs, June 1992.

With thanks from Brian Curtis


One time a Mason's tied house, but the brewery was bought out by Shepherd Neame in 1956 and the brewery was subsequently closed and demolished.

Michael Mirams informs me that the premises closed in 2007.


From the By Amy Tregenna, 10 September 2022.

Red Lion

The only other ancient pub in Snodland, the "Red Lion," closed in 2007 after a very long history. The earliest records of a house on that site date back to that of a man named Simon Spayn in the 15th Century. The next records, and the earliest surviving document for The Red Lion, appeared as a sale document in 1738.

John Hawkes was the landlord of the pub from 1810 to 1815, and his grandson and great-grandsons, both named Henry, were the landlords of the "Rising Sun" at Holborough from 1859 to 1881, and 1882 to 1900 respectively.

The pub is one of the oldest remaining buildings in the town, and it was once at the centre of the town before the Snodland bypass was built in the 1980s. Very few pictures remain of the internal structure of the pub, and the building was demolished in 2015. The Red Lion House now stands in its place.

The Snodland Historical Society was concerned with the lack of preservation of the building's history and is trying to find any possible photographs of the ancient pub.



From the Maidstone and Kentish Journal, Monday, 28 May, 1866.


Messrs. Cobb have received instructions from the Executors of the late Mr. Joseph Ashley, to sell by auction, in the month of June, at the "Sun Hotel," Chatham.

The Valuable Freehold and Leasehold Public Houses, Beer Houses, Trade Premises, Dwelling Houses, &c., viz:-

The "Red Lion," Snodland.

Further notice as to time, &c., of sale, will shortly be issued.

Particulars in the meantime may be obtained of Messrs. Acworth and Son, Solicitors, Star Hill, Rochester; of Messrs. Morris, Stone, Townson, and Morris, solicitors, Moorgate Street Chambers, Moorgate Street; and of Messrs. Cobb, surveyors and land agents, 26, Lincoln's-inn-fields, London, and Rochester, Kent.


From the Sussex Agricultural Express, Saturday 16 April 1892.

Short measures.

James Crittenden, landlord of the "Red Lion Inn," Snodland, was summoned for having in his possession, for use in trade, 4 pint pewter pots which were incorrect.

Mr. Ellis defended.

Mr. Tucker, the inspector, deposed that the cause of the deficiency was that the pots were cracked. The Bench dismissed the case on payment of the costs.


Laura Nash was the daughter of James and Frances Nash of the "Royal Paper Mill," Tovil.



SPAYN Simon 15th century

HALES Richard 1743-1762

FRENCH Jeremiah 1763-1787

FRENCH Mary 1788-1798

WOOD William 1799-1809

HAWKES John 1810-1815

ORPIN John 1816-1842 (age 65 in 1841Census)

ORPIN Anne 1843

KINGSNORTH William 1844-1851 (age 49 in 1851Census) Bagshaw's Directory 1847

PETT Thomas 1851 (age 55 in 1851Census)

ANTRUM Richard 1851-1867 Next pub licensee had (age 44 in 1861Census) Kelly's 1955Melville's 1858Kelly's 1862

COLLIER Charles 1870-1872 (age 62 in 1871Census)

MATTHEWS James 1873-74 Kelly's 1874

MARSHALL Henry 1874

CRITTENDEN James 1878-1892+ (also bricklayer age 38 in 1881Census)

KING Levi 1893-1894

KING Laura 1895-Sept/1907 (widow age 36 in 1901Census) Kelly's 1899Kelly's 1903Kent and Sussex Courier

CHANTLER James C Sept/1907+ Kent and Sussex Courier

GASH William 1908-1930 Kelly's 1913

JOHNSTON David Hunter 1931-1936 Kelly's 1934

SMITH Clarence John 1937-1960

WHETTON John Dennis 1961-1966

WELLARD George Reginald 1967-1974


Bagshaw's Directory 1847From Bagshaw Directory 1847

Kelly's 1955From the Kelly's Directory 1855

Melville's 1858From Melville's Directory 1858

Kelly's 1862From the Kelly's Directory 1862

Kelly's 1874From the Kelly's Directory 1874

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Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903

Kelly's 1913From the Kelly's Directory 1913

Kelly's 1934From the Kelly's Directory 1934

Kent and Sussex CourierKent and Sussex Courier



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