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Earliest ????

Red Cow

Latest 1970+

(Name to)

Hartlake Road

Tudeley Hale


I also have found reference to a "Red Cow" addresses as Capel, going back to 1853, and this may well be the same as this.


Maidstone Journal and Kentish Advertiser, 3 September 1870.

Annual licensing.

Mr Johan applied on behalf of Mr William Clinch for spirit licence to the "Rose and Crown" beer shop, situate at Five Oak Green, Capel. The premises have been held as a beer shop for a very great number of years. Mr Rogers applied for another application on the same line of Road, the "Queen's Head," Caple, and Mr. Gorham also applied for a spirit licence to the "Red Cow," Capel, on the road from Tudeley to Hadlow. The Bench refused to grant either of the applications.


Kent & Sussex Courier, Friday 9 March 1906.

The "Red Cow," Capel.

This was another house and licensee of which had been objected to, on the grounds that the previous landlord have been convicted for permitting drunkenness.

Mr. W. C. Cripps, (Messrs. Cripps. Son and Daish, solicitors, Tunbridge Wells) appeared for the licensee, Cave Goosey, and the brewer, Mr. John S. Bligh, Sevenoaks. He admitted service of notice and conviction, and formally applied for the renewal.

Sergeant Lawrence proved a conviction for serving during prohibited hours to men who were not bonafide travellers, in April, 1892, against the then landlord, John Bridges.

In answer to Mr. Cripps, witness stated that for the remainder of the time that he was in the district after the conviction the house was properly conducted, Bridges was convicted after 11 years' good character, and continue to keep the house from that time to 1899.

Sergeant Eaglan proved a conviction against the last landlord, John Moore in 1905, for permitting drunkenness. The police had several complaints about the house.

Cross-examined:- During that time the house was never reported by the police. The Superintendent's report year-by-year, stated that the whole of the houses, except some few where there have been convictions, had been well conducted. That would include this house.

The Chairman said the Bench did not feel there was sufficient evidence to justify them to refuse the licence, but at the same time it must be borne in mind that it was clear that the Legislature intended that previous convictions against a house should be brought forward and they would have due weight with that Bench, but it seems rather hard that they should go back to a solicitor case 15 years ago.

The licence was there for renewed.


Kent & Sussex Courier, Friday 12 September 1913.

Tudeley. Licensees Death.

The death occurred on Thursday last, at the age of 38 years, of Mr. Cave Chas. Goosey, landlord of the "Red Cow," Tudely. The funeral took place on Sunday at Rudeley Church, the Rev. G. L. Lachlan officiating. Messrs.

Groombridge and Sons, of Tonbridge, were the undertakers.


Sevenoaks Chronicle and Kentish Advertiser 11 February 1949.


No opposition was offered to applications for full licences made by Alfred John William Young, "Red Cow," Tudeley.




JENNER John 1881+ (age 34 in 1881Census)

BRIDGES John 1891-99 (age 42 in 1891Census)

MOORE John 1901-06 (age 49 in 1901Census)

GOOSEY Cave Charles 1906-Sept/1913 dec'd

GOOSEY A 1918-22+

TAYLOR Charles 1930+

YOUNG Alfred John William 1938-49+




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