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Earliest 1792+

(Name from)

Lisle Castle

Latest 1940

Rochester Road/Castle Lane


Lisle Castle

Above photo, date unknown. Kindly supplied by John Hopperton.

Lisle Castle

Above photo, circa 1920. Kindly supplied by John Hopperton.


The pub used to stand on the corner of Castle Lane and the Rochester Road and was destroyed by an aerial mine  in 22 September 1940. The area now houses a detached house on the site.

The building above is not the original one, the old one being replaced by this, date unknown, and can be traced back to 1687. before that date the building was known as the "Horseshoe and Castle," and was still operating with that name in 1792.


From the Chatham News and North Kent Spectator, 13th June, 1863.


James Brenchley, private, 66th Regiment, was charged before the magistrates at Rochester, on Monday, with stealing a handkerchief, a necklace, a brooch, a flannel shirt, a brush, a cap, and a watch key at Chalk, on Saturday 6th inst., the property of Sophia Capon. Mr Walter Baxter landlord of the "Lilse Castle" public house, Chalk, said the prisoner came to his house on Saturday about 1 o'clock; he said it was 20 years since he was there before; said he was fatigued; as he had not been in bed for two nights; asked if he could lie down and rest; he partook of some dinner, and was then shown into a bedroom; he got up about 6 o'clock and left; was not aware of the robbery until the prisoner was brought back by the police constable. Sophia Capon, sister to the last witness, said he showed the prisoner to his bed about 1 o'clock, she then went to Gravesend, and on returning got wet; went to her room to change, and found that her closed &c., had been interfered with; went downstairs and told her sister; the prisoner was there but he did not say anything; he afterwards left; the things produced were hers. Police constable roots, 203, said he met the prisoner between Rochester and the "Lisle Castle" about half past eight o'clock on Saturday night; asking for his past; he could not find it, and said he had a furlough, but he must have left it at the "Lisle Castle," he had a bundle; went back with him to the "Castle," the bundle was searched, and the stolen property identified by the previous witness; the prisoner found his pass; he had it about him all the time. Prisoner pleaded guilty, and said he had only returned from India on the 1st of the month, and was within a few months of completing his 21 years' service; he was drunk at the time, and was not aware he had the things in his bundle until it was opened by the policeman.

Two calendar months hard labour.


From an email received 14 May 2015.


I have recently uncovered some information regarding my family tree and having found that my great great grandparents, Thomas Newman and Sarah Robbins were licensees of the "Lisle Castle" Pub in Chalk from 1845 to 1862.

Sarah Robbins and Thomas Newman were married on January 1st 1838.

Apparently on 28th September 1846, aged only 46, Thomas died, leaving Sarah with 4 children, the youngest, Charles (my great grandfather) being born the same year. Sarah continued to run the pub. She died on 30 December 1862 at the age of 62. Apparently Sarah had been born at Hannay in Berkshire.

I hope this information is useful to your records.


Ann Mitchell, Sheffield, South Yorkshire.


James Stone son ran the "Lord Nelson" in 1891.



NEWMAN Thomas 1845-46 dec'd

NEWMAN Sarah (widow) 1846-79 dec'd (age 60 in 1861Census)

BAXTER Walter 1863+

BAXTER William 1871+ (also market gardener age 45 in 1871Census)

STONE James 1881+ (age 60 in 1881Census)

BOURNE Thomas 1882+

CROWHURST George John 1891+ (age 46 in 1891Census)

REDSELL Edward 1901+ (age 39 in 1901Census)

MARTIN Frank Riches 1903+ Kelly's 1903

ANSELL Alexander 1913+

THOMAS William Hugh 1922+

KELLY Joseph 1930+


GIMBLETT John H 1938+


Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903



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