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Earliest 1873-

Half Moon

Latest ????

65 High Street


Half Moon 1905

Above postcard, circa 1905, by kind permission of the Eden Valley Museum. Also showing the "Crown" (left.)


From the Kent and Sussex Courier and Southern Counties Herald. 1 August 1873. Price 1d.

Tonbridge Petty Sessions.

Tuesday, July 29. Before Major Scoones (in the chair), A. Pott, Esq., Thomson Hankey, Esq., and R. Rodger, Esq.


Richard Linney, labourer, of Bishop Waltham, was charged on remand with stealing two sovereigns, the money of George Ashdown, of the "Half-moon" beer-house, Edenbridge, on the 20th July.

Prosecutor deposed to the prisoner coming to lodge with him, and related the circumstances given by him on the previous week to the effect that he lent the prisoner a tobacco-box to take a ‘quid.' Underneath the tobacco were two sovereigns, but after the prisoner returned the box the money was gone, and the prisoner soon after decamped. In answer to the prisoner, he denied that he threw the box on the table, but put it in his hand. He often put money in his tobacco-box. It was not ten o'clock at the time the prisoner had the box

George Ridley, labourer, of Edenbridge, said he lodged at the "Half-moon," and was present when prisoner asked for the tobacco. Prosecutor put the tobacco-box into prisoner's hand, and afterwards the prisoner, meeting the landlord coming into the room, put the box into his hand and returned it. The prisoner then went away and did not return. It was about five minutes to ten. He could not say what the prisoner did with the box, but no one else touched it.

Harriet Crowhurst, wife of Mr. John Crowhurst, beer-shop keeper, of Leigh, said that on the 21st inst. the prisoner, at about seven o'clock in the morning, called at her house and purchased a pint of beer, for which he tendered a piece of gold, but whether it was a sovereign or a half-sovereign she could not say. She gave him the change, and the prisoner went away. William Anderson, assistant to Mr. Crandall, grocer and draper, of Leigh, said that on the 21st instant, at about a quarter to eight o'clock, the prisoner called at the shop and purchased a pair of trousers, a linen jacket, and several other articles of wearing apparel, to the value of 18s. 10d. The prisoner purchased the things at three or four different times during the day. On the first occasion he tendered a sovereign in payment, but afterwards paid in silver. P. C. Irwin said that on the 21st inst. he received information of the robbery and a description of the prisoner, whom he found in a beer-house at Leigh. The prisoner left the beer-house, and witness followed him, and taking him to the taproom of another beer-house, he told him that he answered the description of a man wanted for stealing two sovereigns at Edenbridge, and he should detain him unless he could prove he was not at Edenbridge. The prisoner denied any knowledge of the theft, and witness took him into custody.

On the way to the police-station the prisoner said, "I am the man you are after no doubt—I am the right man. I shall examine him, and my examination will do the ----."

He found upon the prisoner 3s. 8d. in silver and 4s. 5d. in coppers. He had seen the prisoner during the day, at Leigh, throw handfuls of coppers to boys in the street. It was Leigh club day.

The prosecutor was recalled, and said the prisoner had paid for his night's lodging in advance, about two hours before he went away. The prisoner pleaded guilty, and he was sentenced to six weeks' imprisonment with hard labour. The prisoner said they were all drunk together on the Sunday night, and the landlord was more drunk than he was. The clothes purchased by prisoner of Mr. Crandall were ordered to be given to the prosecutor.


The premises appears to have closed as a beer shop in 1901 and by 1916 became a confectioners. Today (2016) it is operating as a Dominos Pizza shop.


Half Moon 2016

Above Google image, August 2016.



VINCENT George 1871+ (age 35 in 1871Census)

ASHDOWN George 1873-81+ Kent and Sussex Courier (age 66 in 1881Census)

MILLEN George 1891+ (age 53 in 1891Census)


Kent and Sussex CourierKent and Sussex Courier



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