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Earliest 1858-

(Name from)


Latest 23 May 1938

46 Wood Street


Crown 1930s

Above photo, date 1930s.


Above photo, date unknown, from by Ben Levick.


Wood Street was situated opposite the High Street.


Information from Ben Levick

The "Crown" (formerly the "Highlander"), Wood Street, Brompton, c.1855

When this beer-house opened is unclear, but the name 'The Highlander' only seems to occur in the 1851 Census, where the owner is listed as a Tobacconist and Beerseller. The landlord in 1851 was a 37 year old Scotsman called George Martin, and this may explain the name. George Martin seems to have run the beer-house since at least 1847. It had become the "Crown" by 1858, perhaps changing name to something more appropriate to its southern location!

The Crown is a common patriotic inn name. The building had extensive stables to the rear and in the 1890s and early 1900s the landlord, William Shrubb is also listed as a 'Fly propietor', a Fly being a small, light horse drawn carriage.

In 1938 the pub, close to the barrack gates at the end of the High Street, was Demolished to extend War Office property, and the licence was transferred to a new house at Rainham Mark. A topical name was chosen for this new house - 'The Belisha Beacon' This tribute to his contribution to the safety of pedestrians gave rise to an appreciative letter from Mr. Leslie Hore-Belisha M.P. (then Minister for War), in which he said: "I am much refreshed by your proposal and I wish the inn much good fortune and great happiness to all who enter it. May its fame, if not its name, be wide-spread. It is appropriate for the Phoenix Brewery to raise a new edifice from the ashes of the old." The inn faced the pedestrian crossing at Rainham Mark.

The licence was transferred from Brompton on 23 May 1938, although the name change was not confirmed until 15th August 1938, so it may have briefly been the "Crown" at Rainham Mark. Landlords: Feb 31 (or earlier) to 7 Feb 1938 was Arthur Edwin Usher. 7 Feb 38 - 4 July 38 was Charles Henry Stanley. 4 July on was Percy Stuart Wells. The Pub was owned by Frederick Leney & Sons Limited, Wateringbury (the Phoenix Brewery).


Situated close tp the barrack gates he pub closed on 23 May 1938 and was subsequently demolished to extend the war office property,  the license was transferred to a new pub in Rainham Mark and called the "Belisha Beacon."



WICKENDEN Henry 1858-74+ (age 57 in 1871Census)

FRY William 1881-82+ (age 35 in 1881Census)

BALL Thomas William 1913+

EAGLEN William John 1918-22+

CLARK Albert 1930+

USHER Arthur Edwin to Feb/1938

STANLEY Charles H 1938+




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