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15 Aug 1938

Belisha Beacon

Latest 1980s

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28 London Road

Rainham Mark

Above photo, date unknown, showing the Rt. Hon Leslie Hore Belisha standing under the sign.

Belisha Beacon

Above photo, date unknown.

Belish Beacon drawing

Above drawing, date unknown.

Belisha Beacon sign 1973

Above sign, 1973.

With thanks from Brian Curtis

Belisha Beacon card 1950Belisha Beacon card 1950

Above aluminium card issued 1950. Sign series 2 number 2.


The licence was transferred from the "Crown" in Wood Street, Brompton on 23 May 1938, although the name change was not confirmed until 15th August 1938, so it may have briefly been the Crown at Rainham Mark. The Pub was owned by Frederick Leney & Sons Limited, Wateringbury.

Leslie Hore Belisha was created a baron in 1954, and it was he who introduced the pedestrian crossing enabling people to cross the roads more safely than before.


Lincolnshire Echo, Monday 15 August 1938.

Mr. Hore-Belisha Blesses "Belisha Beacon Inn."

Chatham magistrates today gave approval for a new public house at Gillingham to be named the "Belisha Beacon."

It was built to replace an old house which stood at the gates of Chatham Barracks, and which had been acquired by the War Office for military extensions.

In a letter read to the court. Mr. Hore-Belisha, the Secretary for War, gave approval for the new title, stating. "I wish the inn much good fortune and great happiness to all who enter it. May its fame, if not its name, be widespread.

The new house stands immediately opposite a pedestrian crossing.


Kent & Sussex Courier 19 August 1938.


"The Belisha Beacon" is the name given to a new public house at Rainham Mark, Kent. It was built to take the place of the old "Crown Inn" which stood at the gates of the Brompton Barracks, Gillingham, nearby. Its site has often been considered for an extension to the barracks, and now this has come about, and in its place barracks of the most modern type will be erected.

In keeping with tradition, the name of the new inn will record its history, and Mr Hore-Belisha has expressed his appreciation in the following letter to Whitbread and Co.:- "I am much refreshed by your proposal and I wish the inn much good fortune and great happiness to all who enter it. May its fame, if not its name, be widespread. It is appropriate for the Phoenix Brewery to raise a new edifice from the ashes of the old."

By coincidence "The Belisha Beacon" stands immediately opposite a pedestrian crossing, a fact of which the artist. Miss Kathleen M. Claxton, has made use in designing a sign.


Chatham News 07 April 1939.

Darts Team's Fine Record.

The "Crown" darts team, winners of the Rainham Darts League, visited the "Belisha Beacon" on Thursday of last week, and, ably led by their darts’ dictator, W. Gransden, thoroughly beat the "Beacon" by four legs to one. The result was not surprising, as no other team in the Medway district has ever beaten the "Crown" team.




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