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Earliest 1823-

Marquis of Granby

Latest ????

80 High Street


1869 map

Above map, 1869. RED "Coach and Horses." MAGENTA "Duke on Horseback." CYAN "George and Dragon." YELLOW "Ship and Half Moon." GREEN "Royal Standard." BLUE "Marquis of Granby. MUSTARD "Three Daws."


I have just started to map out the pubs that exist or existed in Woolwich, but need local knowledge and photographs, old and current if you have any.

As the information is found or sent to me, including photographs, it will be shown here.

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Kentish Independent, Friday 19 September 1902.

Drink for a Constable. Caught in the Act.

At the Woolwich Police Court on Wednesday, before Mr. Baggallay, Joshua James Rose, of the "Marquis of Granby" public house, High Street, Woolwich, was summoned for supplying liquor to a Constable on duty, namely Alfred Flanders, without the authority of some superior officer of such constable on September 16th.

Mr. Davies appeared for defendant, who pleaded not guilty.

Inspector Burch said that whilst he was touring High Street, Woolwich, on the day in question, he saw Police Constable Flanders, who was on duty, drinking malt liquor outside the "Marquis of Granby" public house. Witness asked the constable how he came by the drink, and the latter said a man, who was standing near, brought it to him. When making enquiries in the public house, a man behind the bar denied giving the man, whose name was Ward, beer for the constable. Ward, however said he did.

Police Constable Flanders said he was on duty outside the "Marquis of Granby" public house when a man came out with a glass of beer, which he (witness) drank. Just at that moment Inspector Burch came up, and witness told him that he had had a glass of beer, but added that he did not purchase it, neither did he ask the man to get it.

Cross-examined:- Witness said the man was a stranger to him, and he did not expect the glass of beer.

Ernest Robshaw, manager of the "Marquis of Granby," denied supplying any beer to the constable. The man Ward had been a customer, and had been refused drink. Ward of threatened to get witness into trouble. Witness considered Ward as being a dangerous character.

Mrs. White said she was in the public house on the night in question, and saw Ward take a glass of beer outside and come back with the glass, and then ask for a glass of beer for himself. Inspector Burch came in, and she heard Mr. Robshaw deny supplying drink for the constable.

George Channon said he saw the man Ward come in the public house. Witness missed his glass of beer from off the counter a little later, and presumed that Ward took it. He did not pick up a row about it, but paid for another drink.

William Dennard said he saw Ward take a glass of beer off the counter before Inspector Burch came in. He did not hear Ward call for a glass of beer. Inspector Burch told witness just to shut up or else he would give him 14 days.

Defendant was fine 5 and costs.


Woolwich Gazette, Friday 31 October 1902.

Wilful Damage.

William Leary, 42, dock labourer, 81, High Street, Woolwich, was charged at Woolwich on Saturday, with being drunk and disorderly, and wilfully breaking two panes of plate glass, value 2, the property of Mr. Rose, "Marquis of Granby," Public House, High Street, Woolwich.

Prisoner pleaded guilty.

Prosecutor's manager said he saw the prisoner break the window with a dockers hook.

One month's hard labour.



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WEST John G 1851-66+ (age 56 in 1851Census)

STRATTON Henry William 1874-May/81+ (age 44 in 1881Census) Kentish Mercury

BEST William May/1881-82+ Kentish Mercury

CROWSON James W 1891+ (age 30 in 1891Census)

MARKHAM William 1896-1901

HINVES George 1901+ (age 62 in 1901Census)

ROSE Joshua James 1902+

BURROW Walter 1904-05+


Pigot's Directory 1823From the Pigot's Directory 1823


Kentish MercuryKentish Mercury


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