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Earliest 1858-

Duke William

Latest 1891+




Quite a few Duke's being found in Hartley, and I would think that they are all related in some way or other, but I just haven't found the connection yet, hence the different pages for the all. The other two being the "Duke of Kent," and the "Duke's Head." There is also a "Duke of York" in Cranbrook.

Just to confuse matters even further, there is another "Hartley" near Gravesend, and I think there is a pub there called the "Duke of Cumberland."


Kentish Gazette. Tuesday 02 August 1864.

Child born under a tent in a lane without assistance.

On Tuesday, and inquest was held at the "Duke William Inn," Hartley, before W. T. Neve, Esq, coroner, and a respectable jury, of whom Mr. William Unicume was chosen foreman, touching the death of the female infant child, aged five days, of Celia Turrent, the wife of Henry Turrent, a travelling tinman, which was supposed to have died from suffocation.

Judith Kemp, the wife of William Kemp, of Hartley, labourer, deposed that on the afternoon of the 15th instant, Henry Turrent came to her and said his wife was in labour up the lane, and asked her to come and see her; on going she found the mother under a tent by the side of a road; she told her she had just been delivered; the child was lying at her feet and exposed to the sun. She then covered the child up. The mother said she had been delivered a month earlier than she expected; after doing what was necessary she left the child with the mother. She visited the mother again on Saturday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and found the child going on favourably. The child appeared to fret at times; it was laid on some straw on the ground. On Thursday morning Turrent came for her again about six o'clock, and told her the child was dead. She went to the mother immediately, and found the child lying at the side of its mother, quite dead. Turrent stated to her that the child died of convulsions. The parents said they were asleep at the time it died, there did not appear to have been sufficient straw for the child to have been smothered, as there was a sheet over the straw.

Dr. Jobson depose that on Thursday afternoon, he, with Mr. Easby, made a post mortem examination of the child. They found no external marks of violence; the child was very small and might have been a fortnight before its time. On examining the brain they found the blood vessels congested, and the brain itself very soft; there was a considerable quantity of serum covering the brain, being the effect of previous congestion; the lungs were healthy; in his opinion the congestion of the brain and consequently effluxion upon the brain, nothing would be so likely to cause it as the exposure to the sun soon after birth, and the heat of the tent, and the fact of the birth having been premature, would cause a child to be susceptible to heat.

William Easby, of Cranbrook, assisted to Mr. Deans, corroborating.

The jury Returned a verdict, "Died from natural causes."


Maidstone Telegraph. 5 June 1869.

Leaving horses on the highway.

William Merritt, wagoner to Mr. White, timber merchant, Maidstone, was summoned by Superintendent Morgan for leaving a wagon and horses on the highway, in front of the "Duke William," at Hartley, on the 3rd of May.

Defendant admitted the fact, and further stated that he had done the same for the past 10 years. He was partaking of refreshments at the "Duke," whilst his horses were also eating from their nose bags.

The magistrates thought defendant should have left someone in charge of the horses as they might have run away.

A young man name Waghorn was summoned for a similar offence at the same time and place.

The Bench fined defendants 2s. 6d. each and 11s costs.



BRIGLAND Edward 1858+ (also poulterer)

TUFIN William 1862+

TUFFEN/PUFFEN George 1871-74+ (age 70 in 1871Census)

MASKELL George 1881-82+ (age 32 in 1881Census)

VANE Thomas 1891+ (age 55 in 1891Census)




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