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Earliest 1851

Railway Tavern Hotel

Closed 1998

High Street/London Road


Railway Tavern Hotel 1905

Above postcard, circa 1905.

Railway Tavern 1910

Above photo 1910, also showing the former "George and Dragon" left.

Railway Hotel 1930

Above postcard 1930.

Railway Hotel 1930

Above photo, taken from the garden of the former "Plough and Harrow" now Ivy Cottage 1930.

Railway Tavern Hotel 1955

Above photo 1955.

Railway Tavern Hotel 1960

Above postcard 1960.

Above photo, 1990s, kindly sent by Shaun Gardiner.

Railway Tavern Hotel 1989

Above photo July 1989, kindly sent by Philip Dymott.


Not sure about when this one was built but it was opposite to the "Plough and Harrow." It was certainly named to promote the railway opening. Originally known as the "Railway Tavern"  it changed name slightly to the "Railway Hotel" from 1891 to 1998. It has now closed and is currently (2015) another McDonald's outlet.

It was addressed as High Road in 1881, then at Dover Road in the 1891 census.


Maidstone Journal and Kentish Advertiser, Monday 21 August 1871.

Dartford. Petty Sessions. Saturday.

Before Sir P. H. Dyke, in the chair, F. M. Lewin, and S. C. Umfroville, Esqs. Henry Williams was charged with stealing a coat, the property of Mr. Arthur John Mahoney, at Greenhithe. Prisoner pleaded guilty to the charge, and was then charged with attempting to rob till at the "Railway Tavern," Greenhithe.

He was sentenced to 4 calendar months' hard labour.


From 'The News Shopper' dated Wednesday, June 10th 1998.

McDonald’s Plan 1m pub facelift.

The fast-food giant McDonald’s look almost certain to open a new restaurant in a former pub. Burger bosses plan to buy and invest 1 million in redeveloping the Railway Hotel in Greenhithe and are anticipating opening business in time for Christmas.

Railway Hotel 1998

If Dartford Council agrees, the building and grounds will undergo extensive improvements and landscaping. The current landlord of The Railway Hotel, Adrian Smith, knew about the possible McDonald’s development about a year ago, but was only told it was going ahead last week.

He said: “Nobody approached me, and I only found out definitely last week. I shall be moving to another pub which will be far more suitable for my wife and child. The building has a great deal of potential, what with its location near the Bluewater shopping centre and being on a main road. This new scheme does not surprise me at all.”

There will also be parking space for 38 cars and it is hoped more than 70 jobs will be created. Although the vast Bluewater shopping centre is being built nearby, a spokesman said the restaurant was being created with only the local community in mind.

McDonald’s is still in negotiation with Bluewater over the possibility of opening a branch in the centre. This is not the first time the fast-food chain has opened in an old pub. Recently, the famous "Yorkshire Grey" pub in Eltham became a drive through burger outlet, as did the Sawyer’s hostelry on Bromley Common, much to the dismay of residents.

The spokesman added: “The work we will do on the "Railway Hotel" building will be a vast improvement to the local environment. The existing customer demand in the area is high and we think the restaurant will be a huge success.”

A Dartford Council spokesman, said: “It seems McDonald’s could open on the site tomorrow and it would be perfectly legal. However, it is subject to consultation and, if there are objections raised against the plans then it will go before the council’s planning committee for future consideration.”

(Kindly researched and sent by Shaun Gardiner.)


Former Railway Hotel 2012

Above Google image, June 2012.



WOODWARD Mrs 1858+

WILKINS Thomas 1881+ (age 52 in 1881)

ROE William 1891+ (age 35 in 1891)

ROE William J 1901+ (age 45 in 1901)

SMITH Adrian 1998+


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