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George and Dragon

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George and Dragon 1905

Above postcard, circa 1905, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

George and Dragon 1971

Above photo, circa 1971. Kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Photo taken 31 August 2008 from by Tom Burnham.

George and Dragon sign

Above sign, date unknown.

George and Dragon sign 1980sGeorge and Dragon sign 2008

Above sign left, 1980s, sign right, 2008.

With thanks from Brian Curtis




From the Kentish Gazette, 7 November 1843.

On Wednesday se'nuight the annual hop dinner was held at the "George and Dragoon Inn," Headcorn, and was very respectably attended. Mr. Kentish, of Maidstone, presided. After the removal of the cloth, the settling began, and ended by a Maidstone gentleman going home with the lining of his pockets much improved. Mr. Kentish and Mr. Swinfen entertained the company with some excellent songs during the evening, which passed off well. The viands and wine were of the best description, and reflected great credit on the host, Mr. John Day.


From the By Guy Bell, 3 November 2018.

George and Dragon pub in Headcorn responds to claims 94-year-old war veteran was told to leave on Remembrance Sunday.

A pub has responded to claims a 94-year-old war veteran was kicked out because his wheelchair was taking up too much room.

A merchant navy veteran was at the George and Dragon in Headcorn for a post Remembrance Sunday tipple at around 11.20am.

Wild rumours and claims on social media since then have suggested the pensioner was told to leave because he was taking up too much room, but this is not true.

The man's family has also said the pub were never rude to the party of eight and the landlord never ordered they leave.

A pub worker said: "We had the back door to the outside closed because we didn't want smokers going backwards and forwards through the pub.

"The pub started to fill up and people came in for coffees and something to eat.

"We were trying to look after the man. We didn't want him there with people passing him."

A family member of the man said they do not intend to return to the pub following Sunday's ordeal.

However, they admitted they were dismayed by the way people had interpreted the incident on Facebook.

They said: "We went into the George and Dragon and obviously the bar was full and we wheeled him in there.

"The lady came out and said we couldn't stay where we were. We wheeled him somewhere else and she said we couldn't stay there either.

"We just wanted to stand in there having a sherry and we said we would stand in the hallway but they said he was in the way.

"They never threw us out and they weren't nasty to us. Wherever we put dad he was in the way basically."


From the By Luke May, 10 October 2019.

George and Dragon pub in Headcorn landlady 'won't be intimidated' after 15-man fight in High Street.

A pub landlady says she won't be intimidated after a High Street brawl broke out.

Two windows were smashed at the "George and Dragon" in Headcorn on Saturday night after a 15-man brawl in the heart of the village.

George and Dragon 2019

Sarah Farrow, owner and licensee, said: "We run a very tight ship here, we've been here a long time and know how to react.

"These incidents are very rare. These men came from outside of the village and were fighting amongst themselves. Fortunately none of our customers or staff were hurt."

The brawl moved from the pub and into the High Street where Mrs Farrow says those involved were fighting in traffic.

She added: "Obviously its not nice, we love this village and the pub's our a family home. Without playing it down these things are very rare.

"The police didn't turn up right away but when they did they interviewed everyone. They were very apologetic but it it isn't their fault. It comes down to the funding they receive.

Sarah Farrow 2019

Sarah Farrow, licensee and owner of George and Dragon in Headcorn High Street.

What we need is a few more bobbies on the beat and a few more cars on patrol."

The pub has stayed open since the fight on Saturday and welcomed customers back for Sunday lunch the following day.

Mrs Farrow, who has been with the pub for 20 years, said: "We've had support from locals since, its been quite uplifting actually to see the lovely and kind side of people. We won't be intimidated."

No arrests have been made since.

A Kent Police spokesman said: "Officers attended and an investigation is ongoing, including reviewing CCTV and carrying out forensic analysis of samples taken from the scene."



DAY John 1841+ (age 63 in 1841Census)

DAWKINS Charlotte 1891+ (age 49 in 1891Census)

BRAKEFIELD John Judge 1901-11 (also farmer age 52 in 1911Census) Kelly's 1903

FARROW Sarah 2019+


Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903



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