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Earliest 1802-


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62 High Street

Blue Town


Red Lion

Above photo date unknown. The "Swan" is the house on the right.


The "Red Lion" is situated right next door to what used to be the "Swan Inn" and may actually have been part of the same pub at one time.

In 1866 this was referred to perhaps incorrectly as the "White Swan."


Kentish Gazette, Friday 2 April 1802.


To be sold by auction, by Carter and Son, on Thursday 15th April, 1802, at the "Swan Inn," Sheerness, at 3 o'clock, (in two lots.) Two Shares of (and in the interests of) the company of Proprietors of the Sheerness Water Works.

The number of shares in the above company are limited to 100, and were originally purchased at 20 guineas per share; and produce the immense interest of 15%, free from deduction, and are clear from every encumbrance.

Further particulars may be had on application to Mr. Silvester, Solicitor, Sheerness; or to the Auctioneers, Maidstone and Sheerness.


From the Kentish Gazette, 6 January 1804. Price 6d.


Sheerness, Isle of Sheppey, Kent.

TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Wm. Bliss at the “Swan Inn,” Sheerness, on Thursday the 12th of January, 1804, between the hours of five and eight o'clock, in the evening, subject to such conditions as will be then and there produced, in 4 Lots.

Lot 1. All that complete MESSUAGE or DWELLING-HOUSE and premises, with the appurtenances, situate and being in the High-street, adjoining the New Road; comprising an extensive shop, parlour, wash-house, and small yard, a spacious dining room, two good chambers, with closets, and every other convenience; now let to Mr. Palmer, grocer, tenant at will, at the low and improvable rent of only 25 per ann.

The above premises are well calculated for a linen or woollen draper, grocer, glass warehouse, or any ether trade or business, where a centrical situation is requited.

Lot 2. A-neat DWELLING-HOUSE, situate on the New-Road, Sheerness aforesaid comprising a capital shop, parlour, chamber, and attic, with a back yard, and every other necessary convenience; now Let to Mr. Leonard Lester, boot-maker, tenant at will, at the very low yearly rent of 25 per annum.

Lot 3. A compact MESSUAGE or DWELLING-HOUSE, situate in the said New-Road, adjoining lot 2, and similar to the same, in the occupation of Mrs. Atkinson, chandler, tenant at will, and let at the yearly rent of only 25.

Lot 4. All that well finished DWELLING-HOUSE and premises, timber built, admirably situated in the centre of the New-Road, adjoining lot 3; comprising a large and elegant shop and parlour, a spacious dining-room one chamber, a large attic, with every other necessary convenience; now in the occupation of Mr. John Clark, linen-draper, tenant at will, at the very low rent of 25. per annum.

The above respective Messuages are severally held by grant, which is tantamount to an Estate of Freehold, subject to the payment of a quit-rent of one shilling per annum, and are now considerably under-let.

The before-mentioned estates being situate in a maritime town of Considerable trade, the commerce of which is now in a flourishing state, are well worth the notice of persons about to engage in any business or speculation.

Further particulars may he known by applying at the Office of Mr. John Sylvester, Solicitor, Sheerness; or to the Auctioneer, Queenborough.


Kentish Gazette, Friday 6th January 1804.

Sheerness, Isle of Sheppey, Kent.

To be sold by auction, by William Bliss, at the "Swan Inn," Sheerness, on Thursday the 12th day of January, 1804, between the hours of 5 and 8 o'clock, (unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which notice will be given) subject to such conditions as will be then and their produce, in one lot.

All that modern and well built brick Messuage or Dwelling House, and premises, situate at the corner of High Street, Sheerness, near the Playhouse; comprising on the ground floor, a large shop, parlour and convenient kitchen, spacious dining room, and two chambers on the first floor, with good attics, and other conveniences; now in the occupation of Mr. W. Friday, shopkeeper, tenant at will, at the very low rent of 40. per annum.

The premises are held under a grant, equal to an estate of inheritance, at a quit-rent of one shilling per annum.

The above dwelling house and shop are well calculated for any business, being situate in the principal Street of Sheerness, and capable of considerable improvements.

For further particulars apply to Mr. John Sylvester, Solicitor, Sheerness; or the Auctioneer, Queenborough.


From the Kentish Gazette, April 1804.

Isle of Sheppy.

Notice is hereby given that the next General Meeting of the Commissioners, for putting in execution the "Act of Parliament passed in the 41st year of the reign of his present Majesty, for building a Pier at Sheerness, in the Isle of Sheppy, and paving &c. Blue Town and Mile Town therein," will be held at the "Swan Inn," Blue Town aforesaid, on Friday the 4th day of May next, at 6 o'clock precisely.

John Silvester, Clerk to the Commissioners.

26th April, 1804.


Kentish Gazette, Tuesday 3 February 1807.

Sheerness Pier.

Notice is hereby given, that the Commissioners for building a Pier at Sheerness, &c. will meet on Wednesday 4th February, 1807, at 6 o'clock, at the "Swan Inn," Sheerness, to receive tenders in writing from, and contract with, such person or persons who are willing to give the most money for the Dust, Cinders, Ashes, and Sullage, and to perform the Office of Scavenger and Dustman within the said town, for 3 years, from the 10th day of February next.

21st January, 1807. James Skeen, Clerk to the said Commissioners.


Public Ledger and Daily Advertiser, Friday 25th November 1808.

Sheerness. Votes for the County of Kent.

To be sold by auction, by Mr. Rose, at the "Swan Inn," Sheerness, on Saturday, the 26th instant, by Direction of the Proprietor.

Fifty Lots of freehold and leasehold ground, new brick-built houses, cottages, and stabling, advantageously situate, at the near Naval Row, Old Town, Sheerness, in front of the main street. These Estates are particularly desirable to persons employed in His Majesty's Dock Yard, and Ordnance, at Sheerness, being only a few minutes walk from the dock; and each Purchaser of the Freehold Lots will be entitled to vote for members of Parliament for Kent; and, from the great increase of shipping and populations, the intended new Docks and other improvements, at the valuable Sea-port of Sheerness, is presumed to offer prospects of a speedy and permanent source of trade and involvement. Land tax redeemed. The Estates have being allotted in small Lots, for the convenience of Purchases.

May be viewed by leave of the tenants; and Particulars may be had at Garraway's Coffee House, London; of Mr. Thomas Ashfield, High Street, Shadwell; the "Ship," Southend; the "White Hart," Gravesend; the "Sun Tavern," Chatham; "King's Arms," Brompton; the Place of Sale; and off Mr. Rose, the Auctioneer, Sheerness.


Kentish Gazette, Friday 28th July 1809.

Keep to be had for 200 sheep, from this time till Michaelmas next.

Inquire of J. Ellis, "Swan Tavern," Sheerness.

Kentish Gazette, 23 June 1820.

June 20, at Chatham church, Mr. Thomas Hodge, of the "Swan" public-house, at Sheerness, to Miss Ann Upton of Gravesend.


South Eastern Gazette, Tuesday 6th November 1832.

Public houses to be Let, in the London Porter trade.

The "Swan Inn," Sheerness, an old established house, well situated for business, in the High Street., the incoming of which will be very moderate.

For particulars, apply to Mr. Skinner, Appraiser and Auctioneer, Chatham.


South Eastern Gazette, Tuesday 25 August 1846.


We had two rather sudden deaths here during the last week, one being Emma Butt, age 26 years, the wife of a saddler at the "Kings Head," and the other Henry Lamb, 34 aged years, a labourer at the "Swan."

Some reports having been circulated that one having been ill-used and the other poisoned, inquests were held on the bodies on Thursday last, before J, Hinde, Esq., when the juries returned verdicts that Emma Butt from epilepsy, and Henry Lamb from apoplexy.


From the Kentish Gazette, Tuesday 16 September, 1856.

Among the applications for spirit licenses, at the recent sessions, was that of Mr. James Ward, gentleman, of Sheerness, for a new house built by him at the top of the High Street, Blue Town. The granting of the license was opposed by Mr. Stephenson. On a severe cross-examination of Pratten, the constable, the notices were held not to be proved.


South Eastern Gazette, Tuesday 19th July 1859.

Stealing a Soldier's Medals.

On Tuesday a seaman named Thomas Cain was charged with stealing two silver medals, value 19 s., from the person of Charles Jofford, a Marine, who deposed that he went into the "Swan" at Sheerness on Monday morning, at 11m o'clock, and being fatigued had a nap on the settee. On awakening, he found that his medals have been cut from his breast. The prisoner was traced to another public house, and the medals found under his seat.

Committed for trial.


Sheerness Guardian 16 July 1859.

Before J. D. Dyke, Esq at Sittingbourne, on Tuesday, July 12th.

Thomas Cain A.B. of H.M.S. Trafalgar, was charged with stealing two medals and two clasps from the person of Charles Foffard, private of R.M. serving on board H.M.S. Amphion, at the "Swan Inn," Sheerness on 11th of July.

Charles Fofford on being sworn stated that he was in the tap room of the "Swan Inn," on Monday last. The prisoner was there also. He laid down on the form and fell asleep. His medals were safe on his breast at the time. A short time afterwards a man came in and awoke him and asked him what had become of his medals. He put his hand to his breast and missed them. The prisoner was missing also. He then gave information to the police.

Sergeant Ovenden stated that the prosecutor had reported the loss to him. He was sober at the time. They went to the "Star" tap room in Blue Town, where they found the prisoner sitting between two marine artillerymen. The prosecutor pointed to them and said they were the men that were in the room when he lost his medals. Sergeant Ovenden then addressed them and said "just hand over these medals." The prisoner thereupon slipped his left hand behind him and dropped the missing articles (which were now produced).

Sergeant Ovenden then apprehended the prisoner and was quite sure that he was the party who had dropped the medals. The articles will work 19s. The prisoner was fully committed for trial at the insuring assizes.


Sheerness Guardian 3 August 1859.



Thomas Cain. 25, seaman, was charged with stealing two silver medals from the person of Charles Fofford, on the 11th July, at Sheerness. Mr. White was for the prosecution.

The prosecutor is a private in the Royal Marines, and on the 11th July he was at the "Swan" public-house, where he went to sleep on a stool. Some person woke him up, and asked him where his medals were, and he then found that they had been cut from his breast, he gave information to police-sergeant Ovenden, who went with him to the "Star Inn," where they found the prisoner in company with two artillerymen. Ovenden (addressing the three) said, "Just hand over those medals," when the prisoner put his hands behind him, and the two medals fell to the floor.

Three months hard labour.



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BLISS William 1804+

ELLIS J 1809+

HODGE Thomas 1820+

HAMLING William 1824-28+ Pigot's Directory 1828-29

TONG William 1832-39+ Pigot's Directory 1832-34

WARD James 1840-56+

THOMPSON Johannah 1851+ (age 30 in 1851Census)


Pigot's Directory 1828-29From the Pigot's Directory 1828-29

Pigot's Directory 1832-34From the Pigot's Directory 1832-33-34



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