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Earliest 1882

Unknown Off-licence

Never opened

10 St Radigund's Road


10 St Radigund's Road 10 St Radigund's Road

Above pictures from Google Maps June 2009. No. 10 is the house to the right of the tree.


This is another one of those strange cases where I have managed to find reference of a pub or off-licence that never did get permission to open.


From the Dover Express and East Kent Intelligencer, 8 September, 1882. Price 1d.


John Pilgrim, of 10, St. Radigund's Road, applied for a new licence to sell ale and beer off the premises at that address.

Mr. Carden, who appeared for the application, said that the house in question was in a new neighbourhood, and a licence for the sale of beer there was necessary for the public accommodation. It was nearly a quarter of a mile to the “Primrose Hall” or the “Endeavour,” which were the nearest houses. He presented a memorial in favour of the licence signed by 80 residents, fifty of whom were in the neighbourhood.

Mr. Pilgrim was called, and he stated that his rent had been 15 12s. a year, and the landlord, Mr. Coram, paid the rates. He was now going to pay 20.

In reply to Mr. Mowll he said he did not know that the 20 had anything to do with getting the licence. He could not saw whether he was rated at 8 a year or not.

Mr. Mowll, in addressing the Bench in opposition to the licence, said he would not lay that much stress on the question of value, but would rather take the case on its merits. Until this year the Magistrates had no option in the case of licences if the value of the house and two or three other points were proved, but now the Magistrates, owing to the Act passed in the last session, had power to decide on the question whether such a house were wanted or not. He (Mr. Mowll) contended that such a house was not wanted. For on the Union Road and the Buckland Road, there were houses not 150 yards away, and some of those had signed the memorial were so far away that in coming to this house they would have to pass so many houses as to have a choice of all the brewings in the county. Mr. Simpson in London Road, had signed it, and Mr. Pilcher, the greengrocer, who lived only two doors from the “Endeavour” on the Buckland Road. The Magistrates knew the district, and were all aware that no new house was needed there.

The Superintendent said that the house that it was proposed to licence was not one of the new buildings that had been built near the St. Radigund's Road.

The Bench said that they were of opinion that the licence was not required by the public, therefore they should not grant it.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday 3 September, 1886. 1d.



Mr. Elvey, on behalf of the Dover Brewery Co., had given notice for an application for a license for a new house, which it was proposed to erect on St. Radigund's Road.

Mr. Lewis said he appeared to oppose it.

The application was withdrawn.




Never opened.


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